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  1. quarantine reads
    Spike Lee Adds Unmade Jackie Robinson Screenplay to Your Quarantine Reading ListThe director wanted Denzel to star, but sadly, the actor deemed himself “too old.”
  2. movies
    The Best Movies You Can’t See (Yet)The 2018 Black List is a look inside the minds of Hollywood’s next great screenwriters. We turned five of their scripts into comics.
  3. just the facts
    What Do Ex-Gawker Employees Think of the Gawker Scripts?What does the Gawker diaspora think of the various scripts in development about the site’s downfall? We decided to ask them.
  4. ‘Wet Hot American Summer: The Annotated Screenplay’ to Be Released in […]Wet Hot fans, rejoice, because David Wain and Michael Showalter have something extra special coming out this fall. On Twitter today, […]
  5. screenplays
    The Property Brothers Have Written a Spec Script That’s Basically HitchThey also want to make a cowboy movie and a feature about a “band of brothers who come from a small-town upbringing with wholesome values.”
  6. Watch a Reading of Steve Bannon’s Shakespearean Screenplay About the L.A. RiotsThe script combines Coriolanus and very loose interpretation of slang.
  7. the awards show show
    The Awards Show Show: What Are the Best Screenplays of the Year?Plus, a discussion of the SAG nominations.
  8. comedy
    How Do You Know If Your Comedy Script Is Good?If you’ve only shown your friends your script, how do you know if it’s really funny?
  9. lists
    Annie Hall Proclaimed Funniest Screenplay by WGAHarold Ramis, Mel Brooks, and Preston Sturges also fared well.
  10. Bo Burnham, Eric Slovin, and Leo Allen Make This Year’s Black ListThe Black List, an annual ranking of the best-liked unproduced screenplays from a survey of studio and production execs, was released today, […]
  11. ‘Reno 911!’ Meets ‘Cheers’ in Tom Lennon and Ben Garant’s Rejected NBC […]“The Script Pile” is a biweekly column on Splitsider that takes a look at the screenplays for high-profile movie and TV comedies that never […]
  12. screenplays
    Read the Scene Where Cameron Diaz Has Sex With a Car in The Counselor“I asked what she was doing and she says: I’m going to [gently make love to] your car.”
  13. Some Comedy Screenplays Made the 2012 Black List The 2012 Black List was just announced yesterday, an annual ranking of the year’s most popular unproduced screenplays, as voted by hundreds […]
  14. amazing things
    There’s a Mr. Peepers Screenplay, and It’s GreatIt’s a spoof of Being There.
  15. movies
    Read Ten of the Most Disturbing Quotes From Roger Ebert’s Sex Pistols Screenplay“Come on, mum. Give us a kiss.”
  16. movies
    Read Roger Ebert’s 1977 Sex Pistols Screenplay’Who Killed Bambi?’ was started but never finished.
  17. toronto
    Great One-liners From the Toronto Film FestivalNicolas Cage: “Everything I take’s prescription — except for the heroin.”
  18. scripts
    Exclusive: We’ve Seen Steve Carell’s ‘Beaver’ ScreenplayOur verdict? This is one of the more elegantly messed-up stories we’ve read in a long, long time.
  19. news reel
    We’ve Got Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Script…and it is totally insane. Learn more about it here!
  20. news reel
    So How Is Peter Jackson’s Script for ‘The Lovely Bones’?