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  1. vulture lists
    Brad Pitt’s 12 Best Movie HaircutsIn honor of Pitt’s big year, we revisited three decades of his work to study his hair.
  2. close reads
    What David Fincher’s Fascination With Serial Killers Says About His FilmmakingFew filmmakers have shown such a consistent interest in serial killers and what makes them tick.
  3. behind the movies
    Se7en’s Disturbing, Memorable Ending Nearly Never HappenedWe almost had to live in a world without “What’s in the box?”
  4. last night on late night
    Corden Turned Iconic Scenes Into Musical MomentsFeat. Nathan Lane, Rachel Bloom, and Reggie Watts!
  5. mashups
    Watch What Happens When Mad Men Meets Se7enSpoilers for this week’s episode of Mad Men.
  6. tube junkie
    Radiohead Angle for YouTube Fame With Their New Viral Hit ‘Head in a Box’Radiohead furthered their status as the world’s most internet-savvy band on Friday night with a video Webcast streamed on their official site.