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  1. casting
    Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer to Star in Slow Burn Podcast TV AdaptationProduced by Sam Esmail and also including Sean Penn and Joel Edgerton.
  2. a mess!
    Sean Penn Wants to Give Bradley Cooper an Oscar With ‘Balls’He wrote a whole dang essay.
  3. cancellations
    Sean Penn’s The First Is Taking A Giant Leap Off Hulu After One SeasonThe astronaut drama from House of Cards’ Beau Willimon was a Hulu original.
  4. #metoo
    Sean Penn Says the Spirit of #MeToo Movement Is to ‘Divide Men and Women’The women Sean Penn talks to don’t feel represented by the #MeToo movement, according to Sean Penn.
  5. tv review
    The First Is a Very Different Kind of Space DramaThe Hulu series is an intimate story about astronauts and their families struggling through the messy business of living.
  6. last night on late night
    Sean Penn Has One Thought About Steve Bannon After Working With Him: ‘Crook’“I don’t think you can age like that without hating people.”
  7. books
    The Weirdest Lines From Sean Penn’s Wannabe-Gonzo Novel“Tweet me, bitch. I dare you.”
  8. last night on late night
    Sean Penn, Puffing Cigs on Colbert, Complains About All the #Content*Deep inhale*
  9. the day i met el chapo
    El Chapo Producer Explains His Side of the Sean Penn FeudSean Penn tried to derail the movie’s release, the producer of The Day I Met El Chapo says.
  10. the martian
    Sean Penn Will Try Life on Mars for Hulu, Will Probably Come Back With an AwardHulu has given a straight-to-series order to The First, created and executive produced by Beau Willimon.
  11. trailer mix
    Sean Penn’s Much-Maligned Movie With Charlize Theron Finally Has a TrailerIf this movie has been reedited to be less problematic, it doesn’t show it in the trailer.
  12. fact check
    Sean Penn Confirms: Steve Bannon was a ‘Bitter Hollywood Wannabe’ in the ’90sSean Penn says his one-time collaborator Steve Bannon is a “conniving hateful bloated punk who despises mankind.”
  13. cringe
    Madonna Offers to Marry Sean Penn AgainWhy, that’s pennies on the dollar!
  14. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Sean Penn’s The Last FaceComing to theaters next spring.
  15. casting couch
    Penn, Gibson to Star in Professor and the MadmanAbout the making of the OED.
  16. the videodome
    Sean Penn Directed Tom Petty’s New Music VideoA very affecting Sir Anthony Hopkins stars in it.
  17. Cannes: Sean Penn Movie Met With Boos, GigglesAt least for today, speculation over Penn and Theron’s relationship will take a back seat to the movie’s absolutely derisive reception.
  18. lawsuits
    Lee Daniels Apologizes to Sean PennThus settling Penn’s $10 million lawsuit against Daniels.
  19. Sean Penn Is a Bird NowChirp, chirp, chirp! 
  20. modern romance
    Charlize Theron Denies Ghosting Sean PennUnder International Ghosting Law, Sean Penn is a let.
  21. a study in intensifiers
    Sean Penn: El Chapo Work Was ‘Very Good Failure’The piece, first published in Rolling Stone, was criticized for being overly charitable to the drug kingpin.
  22. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Pre-Oscars Mean TweetsJimmy brings in the best of the A-list in his latest selection.
  23. betrayals
    Kate del Castillo Feels ‘Betrayed’ by Sean PennTraidor!
  24. lawsuits
    Lee Daniels Fights Sean Penn’s Defamation Lawsuit by Quoting Jeff SpicoliCalling it “bogus.”
  25. crime
    Kate del Castillo Investigated for El Chapo TiesEscándalo!
  26. roll clip!
    S. Penn’s Best 60 Minutes Quotes About El Chapo“I feel complicit in the suffering that is going on, because I’m not thinking about it everyday.”
  27. Sean Penn Says His El Chapo Article ‘Failed’“I have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose.”
  28. El Chapo Didn’t Even Know Who Sean Penn WasQuién?
  29. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Explains El Chapo’s CaptureSubmarines!
  30. sean penn
    Madonna Joins Sean Penn for His Haiti FundraiserMadge raises money with “La Vie En Rose.”
  31. el chapo
    Okay, But Who Will Play Sean Penn in the El Chapo Biopic?Art imitates life and life imitates Narcos.
  32. casting couch
    Sean Penn Will Play Prez Andrew Jackson for HBOBy the creators of Narcos.
  33. defamation
    Lee Daniels Files Motion to Dismiss Sean Penn’s Defamation Suit“The First Amendment is not for sale.”
  34. lawsuits
    Sean Penn–Lee Daniels Slander Suit Moves to N.Y.Daniels said Penn has a history of abusing women.
  35. lawsuits
    Sean Penn Sues Lee Daniels for DefamationThe summer of beef has escalated into an autumn of lawsuits.
  36. breakups
    Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Are Living Out Your Worst Breakup FearsThe ex-couple endured reshoots for The Last Face.
  37. oscars 2015
    Sean Penn Tells Oscars Critics ‘F*ck You,’ Which Will Probably Not Help“I’m surprised by the flagrant stupidity.”
  38. amazing things
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Released a Crazy Tour TrailerIt’s a bit like Spring Breakers, if Spring Breakers starred Beyoncé and Jay Z.
  39. couples stuff
    Sean Penn to Direct Charlize Theron, Javier BardemAnd Adele Exarchoplous.
  40. video
    Watch a Young Bradley Cooper Prove Louis C.K. WrongNever say never, Louis.
  41. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer: The Search for Slide 25Now with more Sean Penn.
  42. awards season
    Even Sean Penn Will Sing Mary Poppins SongsAt a Saving Mr. Banks party this weekend, the unthinkable occurred.
  43. Sean Penn: Hollywood’s Red Carpet GrumpusSee more than twenty years of critically acclaimed frowns.
  44. Bill Murray Is Fine with Sean Penn Taking His Oscar“You could argue that Sean Penn didn’t deserve the Oscar for that movie [Mystic River], but he probably did for a couple of others that he […]
  45. casting couch
    Sean Penn May Moonlight As an Action StarIn Prone Gunman.
  46. movie review
    Movie Review: There’s Method to This Must Be the Place’s MadnessIt’s hard to take Sean Penn’s Kathy Griffin–does–Edward Scissorhands makeup job in seriously, but that’s kind of the point.
  47. movie trailers
    Watch a Movie Trailer of Sean Penn As a Washed-Up RockerFrom This Must Be the Place, co-starring Francis McDormand.
  48. casting couch
    Josh Brolin Eyeing Sean Penn’s Crazy for the StormSean Penn’s next directorial effort.
  49. actor directors
    Sean Penn Returning to the Director’s Chair With Crazy for the StormIt’s kind of like his last effort, Into the Wild.
  50. gangster squad
    Behind the Scenes of Gangster SquadOr: Crazy, Stupid, Hyperviolent Love.
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