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  1. close reads
    Search Party’s Elliott Is the Limit Case of the ‘Gay BFF’John Early’s “gay, energetic, self-diagnosed narcissist” is a satirical figure as funny as he is terrifying.
  2. overnights
    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Blind JusticeIt doesn’t matter that Dory is an entitled millennial, she’s simply a liar who does well in a system that rewards liars.
  3. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Dory Almost Gets PancakedDrew, Portia, and Elliott have all hit their rock bottoms, but Dory is just “freakin’ lucky.”
  4. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Wedding of the SeasonMarc and Elliott’s wedding was always going to be one of the season’s high points, and the payoff does not disappoint.
  5. chat room
    After Leaving NCIS, Shalita Grant Wanted to Embrace Comedy on Search PartyThe story behind this season’s vocal fry-iest character.
  6. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Whole TruthIt’s a bad day for the defense.
  7. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Millennials On TrialThe court case we’ve been waiting for is finally here.
  8. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Meet The Sief FamilyFinally meeting Dory’s parents destroys her last shred of humanity.
  9. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Something to Lie ForWow, Dory just really sucks now, huh?
  10. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Gang Gets Their Defense TogetherDory may think she has things under control, but her actions have set off a chain of events beyond her consideration.
  11. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Self-DefenseDory is the only one who doesn’t have anything to lose, and everyone else is counting on her to do the right thing.
  12. tv review
    Search Party Is Back, and Its Knives Are OutDespite a two-year delay, season three’s focus on privileged, white millennials winding their way through the justice system feels of the moment.
  13. profile
    Alia Shawkat, Through the Looking GlassWhat the Search Party actress has learned from her tabloid year.
  14. overnights
    Search Party Season Premiere Recap: Dory Thrives on the Dark SideEven though Dory is absolutely guilty, it feels like she really might be able to get away with this simply through willpower alone.
  15. trailer mix
    Search Party Season 3 Trailer: Trial by HipsterTo the courtroom they go.
  16. exposed
    Alia Shawkat Is ‘Deeply Sorry’ for Saying the N-Word Four Years AgoThe actress quoted a Drake lyric she shouldn’t have in a resurfaced interview.
  17. summer 2020
    The 20 Best and Biggest TV Shows to Watch This SummerDirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy You, and more worth seeing during the Great Indoor Summer.
  18. finding dory
    Search Party Will Return for a Third (and Fourth!) Season on HBO MaxWhen the cult hit returns in spring 2020, it’ll shift from Hitchcockian paranoia to a legal thriller.
  19. post comedy
    The Rise of the Murder-ComWhy do so many recent TV comedies involve killing?
  20. TBS Renews ‘The Last O.G.’ and ‘Search Party’TBS just handed out season renewals to two of its comedies. The network announced that the Jordan Peele-produced freshman comedy The Last […]
  21. John Early Describes the Time He Crapped His Pants on the Subway in Great DetailComedian and ‘Search Party’ star John Early shares an unfortunate day-after incident — involving the NYC subway and poop. You have been warned.
  22. transformations
    The Michael Showalter Guide to Reinventing Yourself As a Fancy-Pants FilmmakerHe seems to have had the best coming-out year that (almost) nobody noticed. Here’s how his breakthrough happened.
  23. John Early Is Laugh-Out-Loud FunnyThe Search Party actor and comedian holds court onscreen, and during a dinner party. Tonight, it’s his homemade cacio e pepe. (Recipe included.)
  24. overnights
    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Dory Is Going to Hell“Your friends are pointless, entitled, empty idiots.”
  25. let us discuss
    Here Are Our Best Guesses About the Search Party Season-Two FinaleWhodunit?
  26. vulture lists
    Search Party’s 13 Biggest Pop-Culture InfluencesThe major cultural landmarks that shaped Dory and the gang, from Alfred Hitchcock to The Comeback.
  27. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Those Hipster Kids Did It!Detective Joy is terribly close to cracking this case.
  28. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Key to the CityGood boy Drew has clearly embraced his dark side.
  29. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Back to BrooklynOf all Dory’s bad ideas, this one might be the worst.
  30. Charles Manson Is Dead, But Pop Culture Is Keeping Him AliveIn American Horror Story, Search Party, and other projects, Manson is still a frightening cultural force.
  31. overnights
    Search Party Season-Premiere Recap: We’re Not Murderers!Will Dory and her friends actually get away with murder?
  32. tv review
    Search Party Season 2 Is a Twist on Antihero DramaThe TBS series is dealing with a lot of baby Walter Whites.
  33. Season 2 of ‘Search Party’ Is for the Complicated LiarsNote: Spoilers for the first season follow. Search Party’s first season began over brunch, in Brooklyn. Its core cast, four friends in their […]
  34. Search Party Season-Two Trailer: How to (Maybe) Get Away With MurderSearch Party returns November 19.
  35. Paranoia Takes Over in the Season 2 ‘Search Party’ TrailerTBS’s comedy Search Party returns for its second season this fall, and today the network dropped the first trailer. Renewed back in December […]
  36. tv
    Alia Shawkat: Expect More ‘Penthouse Group Hangs’ in New Arrested Development“It’s always so bizarre and weirder than anything you could think of.”
  37. TBS Renews ‘Angie Tribeca’ and Announces Premiere Dates for ‘Search Party’ […]TBS just announced some comedy news. First up is a season 4 renewal for Angie Tribeca, which wrapped up its third season on the network last […]
  38. Tony Hale and Alia Shawkat on Arrested Development’s Comedy LegacyTo this day, Hale’s parents still don’t think it’s funny.
  39. good one podcast
    Behind the Best Gay Wedding Sketch EverOn this week’s episode of Good One podcast.
  40. TBS Renews ‘Search Party’ and ‘People of Earth’ for Second SeasonsTBS just handed out renewals to two new shows. According to Variety, the network has ordered second seasons of People of Earth starring Wyatt […]
  41. season renewals
    Break Out the Kombucha! Search Party Is Renewed for Season TwoPeople of Earth gets a season two pickup, too.
  42. close reads
    Why Search Party Is Unusually Good at Mixing Two Genres The combination of self-aware satire and engrossing mystery renders both of those categories into something alchemically new. 
  43. overnights
    Search Party Season Finale Recap: Finding Chantal The end of Search Party is smart, surprising, and wildly entertaining.
  44. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Ghosting in the Machine“I’ve been lying to everyone.”
  45. overnights
    Search Party Recap: The Writing on the Wall Parker Posey! Ron Livingston! A weird pregnancy cult in Red Hook!
  46. the vulture tv podcast
    The Cast of Search Party on Art Post-Election“When I was living in Tennessee, I needed art like this. I needed art about people who are young and living in cities and had friends.”
  47. overnights
    Search Party Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?“Look me in the eye and tell me you know what to wear to a vigil.”
  48. the vulture tv podcast
    Search Party Is the Perfect Thanksgiving BingeIt feels pretty spiritually tuned in to our turbulent times.
  49. the vulture tv podcast
    Alia Shawkat on How Trump’s Win Connects to Our Culture of Self-Obsession“Why do we feel better when we’re in nature? Why do we feel better when we’re helping other people? It’s a natural, human urge to want to do that.”
  50. overnights
    Search Party Series Premiere Recap: Dory the ExplorerWhat happened to Chantal Witherbottom?
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