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  1. Hypothesis: Season Two Is the Best or Worst Season of Every ShowScandal? The best! Friday Night Lights? The worst!
  2. trailer mix
    Humans Season-2 Trailer: Synths and Humans Just Can’t Get AlongWhen will we learn?
  3. trailer mix
    The Doctors Are In(curably Insane) in the New Scream Queens Promo“Sometimes I like to wheel in a few rando patients and just start cutting.”
  4. The Duffer Bros Discuss Barb’s Stranger Fate *smirks sardonically over giant glasses*
  5. unbreakable kimmy schmidt
    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 First LookRemember that dog? His anus is still purely decorative.
  6. Here’s the ‘Girls’ Season 2 Trailer You’ve Been Waiting for This is it, the trailer for the new season of Lena Dunham’s acclaimed HBO series Girls, which kicks off on January 13th at 9pm. If the […]
  7. What to Expect from ‘Girls’ Season 2 Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at Girls’ new season, which premieres on HBO on January 13th. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS […]