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  1. snl
    The SNL Finale Will Air (From Home) This WeekendSeason 45 comes to an end remotely.
  2. lists
    Our 9 Biggest Questions About The Handmaid’s Tale Season FinaleHas Serena Joy had a real change of heart? How will June survive? And is you-know-who really dead?
  3. surprise!
    Let’s Talk About Your Jane the Virgin Finale FeelingsWe’re not okay.
  4. Let’s Talk About the Dark Season FinaleA guide to understanding the German time-travel thriller.
  5. let us discuss
    Here Are Our Best Guesses About the Search Party Season-Two FinaleWhodunit?
  6. Here’s a Sneak Peek of Tomorrow’s Two-Hour ‘Nathan for You’ Finale […]Here’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that season 4 of Nathan for You wraps up tomorrow night on Comedy Central. The good […]
  7. Aziz Ansari Recaps the Master of None Finale: ‘It’s Not a Flashback’“I’m going to be a little coy about sharing my own personal interpretation.”
  8. let us discuss
    Are You Ready to Talk About the Master of None Ending?Allora!
  9. chat room
    Sutton Foster on Younger’s Big Season Finale“Why is she still doing this? That’s going to be a really big question in season four.”
  10. chat room
    Issa Rae on Golden Globe Nod and Insecure Finale“Why are you taking these characters so seriously?”
  11. party chats
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Champlin Teases Finale“A lot of people who are gonna be like, ‘Whaaaaaat?!?’”
  12. westworld
    Ed Harris on Westworld End: ‘What Is This Shit?’“It’s very impressive to me, acting wise.”
  13. season finales
    Why Mr. Robot’s Big Reveals Were So DisappointingThoughts on a frustrating season finale.
  14. season finales
    Preacher Took Too Long to Get Sufficiently WeirdBut the season finale showed promise.
  15. season finales
    Sia Brought ‘Cheap Thrills’ to The Voice FinaleEnjoy it for pennies on the dollar.
  16. chat room
    Jane the Virgin Showrunner on Season-Two Finale“We definitely put in a warning last season when we said that he was going to love her as long as he lived.”
  17. exclusive
    Watch RuPaul’s Grand Entrance on the Drag Race Season 8 FinaleGet ready racers.
  18. roll clip!
    South Park Finale: War on Ads Is Just BeginningRIP, Leslie.
  19. fall preview 2015
    Where Your Favorite Returning Shows Left Off Last SeasonThis contains spoilers!
  20. season finales
    The Winners and Losers of True Detective Season TwoCary Fukunaga: Winner! Vince Vaughn? Err …
  21. about last night...
    UnREAL and the Pressures of a Sophomore SeasonUgh, send Jeremy and Chet away forever.
  22. season finales
    Game of Thrones Is Finally at the Beginning of the EndThe show has moved out and out and out. Now it’s starting to move back in.
  23. game of thrones season 5
    Join Vulture for a Game of Thrones Finale Live-Blog Sunday NightStarting 9 p.m. EST.
  24. season finales
    Don’t Let This Be It for The Mindy ProjectThis is not how rom-coms end.
  25. season finales
    How Girls Grew Up in Season 4Each Girl spins more into her own realm.
  26. overnights
    Agent Carter Season Finale: ’Til We Meet AgainIn a way, Agent Carter has always been leading up to the big moment in this episode.
  27. season finales
    The Fall’s Ending Was HorribleJust the worst. Seriously.
  28. season finales
    Will Homeland Ever Be Homeland Again?Miss you, domestic drama.
  29. overnights
    Homeland Season 4 Finale Recap: Grudge DreadAs an episode “Long Time Coming” was solid; as a season finale it was wonderful.
  30. season finales
    Let’s Talk About the End of ‘Serial’We’ll have a proper recap later today.
  31. South Park Previews Star-Studded Holiday SpecialFeaturing the likes of Al Pacino, Miley Cyrus, Bill Cosby, Taylor Swift, and Michael Jackson’s hologram.
  32. Jon Stewart, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallon, and More Get a Salmon to the Face on […]Here’s a clip from last night’s season 1 Last Week Tonight finale, in which John Oliver and crew make their very own “salmon cannon” – only […]
  33. chat room
    Clive Owen on The Knick Finale, Cocaine, and the Plan for Season 2“Well, you can do what you like. You’re Thackery.”
  34. overnights
    Masters of Sex Season 2 Finale Recap: Martini Thrown for EffectSeason two wraps up … with a montage.
  35. overnights
    Under the Dome Recap: Big Jim Goes A-HammeringThat’s all, folks! (Unless the show gets renewed.)
  36. vulture lists
    Which You’re the Worst Character Was the Worst in Season 1?A highly important post-finale hierarchy to our favorite new show.
  37. season finales
    37 Observations About Season 1 of Married at First SightThe season finale of FYI Network’s riveting reality experiment aired last night.
  38. overnights
    The Leftovers Season 1 Finale Recap: Nothing Else MattersBonfire of the insanities.
  39. fall preview 2014
    How Did Your Favorite Returning Shows End Last Season? A RefresherCaution: Spoilers ahead.
  40. overnights
    24: Live Another Day Season 9 Finale Recap: JustifiedAsk not for whom Jack Bauer’s signature can of whup-ass opens. It opens for thee.
  41. season finales
    Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco on Jackie’s Future“Any number of things can happen. There are as many possibilities as there are addicts in the world.”
  42. postmortem
    Fargo Showrunner Noah Hawley on the Finale and His Plans for Season 2You betcha.
  43. deep dives
    Conversation About Louie Season 4Our TV critic and our Louie recapper look back on season four.
  44. deep dives
    How Are We Supposed to Feel About Tyrion Now?A character’s dying breath often unsettles reactions you thought were settled.
  45. did you see that?
    Let’s Discuss the Game of Thrones Season FinaleDo not read this if you haven’t seen the show’s season-four finale, “The Children.”
  46. season finales
    Can Veep Still Be Veep If There’s No Veep?It’s moving day.
  47. the recap recap
    The Best of This Week’s Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Recaps: ‘Waterloo’Recappers and critics had much to say.
  48. Mad Men’s Allan Havey on Lou’s Fate, Geeking Out“I’ve sat in every seat on the set. I went around and did that.”
  49. overnights
    Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Recap: The Moon Belongs to EveryoneThe one quality that every great scripted show has in common is surprise. Last night’s episode was a perfect example.
  50. gif-cap
    This Is How the Mad Men Season Finale EndedTo be clear, this is a top-to-bottom spoiler.
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