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    Could This Be Our Favorite Moment From the Mad Men Season Finale?Shakes head.
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    What Was That Song From the Final Minutes of the Mad Men Season Finale?“The Best Things in Life Are Free.” And not the Janet Jackson version.
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    Seitz Looks Back at Season 2 of The AmericansI can’t imagine where The Americans will go from here, but I have a feeling it has nowhere to go but up.
  4. postmortem
    The Americans’ Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields on the Finale’s Big TwistThey even kept [SPOILER] in the dark.
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    10 Theories About What Might Happen in Mad Men’s Mid-Season FinaleFrom the plausible to the semi-kooky, here are 10 theories about what could happen in Sunday’s finale.
  6. fond farewells
    Cristina Yang Deserved a Better Send-Off From Grey’s AnatomyAt least she didn’t die.
  7. Last Night’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ Was Its Most Watched Season Finale EverThe seventh season finale of CBS smash hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory aired last night, and EW reports that the resulting ratings have made it […]
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    New Girl’s Showrunners Talk Season 4 Reset Showrunners Brett Baer and Dave Finkel didn’t plan on Nick and Jess lasting as long as they did.
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    Mindy Kaling Explains The Mindy Project’s Perfect Season 2 EndingThe star and creator of The Mindy Project chatted with Vulture via email.
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    The Mindy Project Should Reboot Itself Next SeasonKeep Mindy, Danny, and Morgan. Scrap everything else.
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    Watch Forrest Yell at an Old Man in a Clip From Tonight’s Review FinaleTake a sip of your last quaff of the first season of Andy Daly’s Comedy Central show.
  12. Amy Poehler Says ‘Parks and Rec’s Season Finale Has a ‘Very Exciting Last […]“The last moments are really important. Big things happen that show you where we’re going … The end is pretty exciting and — dare I say — a […]
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    Scandal’s Season 3 Finale: Crescendo, Crescendo, CrescendoFor all the shocks and twists, this season appears to have landed us right back where we started.
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    Broad City’s Blissfully Chill First SeasonBroad City’s characters love each other. You should love them, too.
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    Girls Season 3 Finale Recap: One of Those Artist Couples“Can’t one thing ever be easy with you?”
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    Hoon Lee on Banshee’s Season 2 Finale and His Hope for Season 3“Our show isn’t necessarily trying to shock you. That’s counterproductive at some point.”
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    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills S4 Finale RecapThis season went out with a whimper, and the vague scent of alcohol emanating from everyone’s breath.
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    Let’s Talk About the True Detective FinaleThere is a lot to discuss.
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    7 Questions About the True Detective FinaleAll hail the Yellow King, who- or whatever it is.
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    Remaining True Detective SuspectsThe Tall Man. The Spaghetti Monster. And other probably evil characters with actual names.
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    House of Cards Season 2 Finale Recap: The Wicked Wing of the WestYou can’t always get what you want. Well, unless you’re Frank Underwood.
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    Downton Abbey Executive Producer Talks Season 4The rape storyline was his idea.
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    Sherlock Finale Postmortem: Moffat Weighs InIn order: Moriarty, Magnussen, mum, the mind palace, and Molly.
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    Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington on Mary’s SecretOn her casting: “Slight nepotism, but I’ve been working for so many years now that I think that’s fine.”
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    Watch Stevie Nicks’s Musical Appearance on CovenShe sang “Seven Wonders,” naturally.
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    American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale RecapBurrito Supreme? No, just a new witch-type Supreme.
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    Seitz: A Sense of Futility Hung Over the Homeland Season FinaleThe Homeland we were all familiar with is probably dead.
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    What Will Happen Next Season on Homeland?A few possibilities after last night’s finale.
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    You’re Better Than That Season Finale, Suits We get it. Kissing and secrets.
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    The Newsroom Season Two Finale RecapThis season of The Newsroom may as well have been its apology tour.
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    Mad Men Season Six: Sunny Products, Rotten WorldGrab your margarine, drink your juice.
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    Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap: The Morning AfterAnd so we bring the third season to a close.
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    Big Bang Theory Boss Talks Raj, Shamy, Season 7Why Raj still won’t be able to talk to girls and other tidbits about season seven.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Could Get Good AgainBut last night’s finale was a letdown.
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    Parks and Recreation Season Finale Recap: The Return of Burt MacklinOur favorite fake FBI agent is back.
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    On the Set of Justified’s ‘Badass’ Season-Finale ShowdownThe pivotal moment for Raylan and Nicky came together at the last minute.
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    The Walking Dead Season-Three Finale Recap: Kill or DieSo, this is what war looks like on this show.
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    Seitz on The Neighbors’s Season-One FinaleThis show deserves way more credit than it gets.
  39. have a nice trip see you next fall
    Girls: Who Has Fallen the Furthest This Season?Marnie? Ray? Hannah? Adam?
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    American Horror Story Season Finale Recap: Say Good-night, Bloody Face-yA surprisingly moving end for our Asylum characters. Except for that one guy. He got it good.
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    True Blood Has Shape-shifted Into Its Own Multiple SpinoffsRemember when this show was about a love triangle?
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    Game of Thrones Recap: These Bad PeopleLast night’s season finale spread its arms wide to catch a lot of falling balls, then tossed them all back in the air.
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    American Idol Recap: Take Us Home, Season ElevenIt took them six tries, but they’ve finally cast the White Boy With Guitar role perfectly.
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    Modern Family Recap: Down in Calexico“Spoiler alert.” How often do we get to use that warning for an episode of Modern Family?
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    Glee Recap: The End Is an AfterthoughtNo one has ever watched Glee to see the kids graduate. But yet, there they were.
  46. how far we've come
    Some Reflections on American Idol Season ElevenThis week, season eleven of American Idol comes to an end. A few thoughts before we crown a winner.
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    Watch a Sneak Preview of the How I Met Your Mother Season FinaleAnd Robin’s elbow-deep horse-birthing story.
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    New Girl Recap: White Fang ProblemsEveryone goes to the desert in the season-one finale.
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    Showtime Says Homeland’s Finale Will Leave Fans ‘Howling’Uh-oh.
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    Judging the Season Finales, From Best to Most BafflingFrom ‘House’ to ‘The Good Wife’ to ‘The Mentalist.’