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Season Of The Witch

  1. excerpt
    Decoding Those Lingering Jay Z Illuminati RumorsAn excerpt from Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll.
  2. enticements
    Nicolas Cage Has Very Specific Reasons for Making Movies“Initially what I was attracted to was the idea that I was going to get my eye shot out.”
  3. your box office explained
    True Grit Guns Down Fockers, Season of the WitchThe Coens’ biggest movie to date has now become one of the best-performing horse operas of recent memory.
  4. Vulture Ranks Nicolas Cage’s Worst Movies — From Bad to FairFrom National Treasure to Amos and Andrew!
  5. talk
    Pick Your Poison: Country Strong or Season of the Witch?This should be a fun game.
  6. party lines
    Nicolas Cage at Season of the WitchPlus: Ramona Singer, Ron Perlman, Tamsen Fadal …
  7. trailer mix
    Season of the Witch Trailer: Nicolas Cage Will Try Your Patience in Chain MailMedieval action movies and Nicolas Cage team up to make something boring and incoherent.
  8. delays
    March is No Longer the Season of the WitchSorry Nic Cage fans.
  9. the industry
    Hugh Grant Bumbles His Way Out of a Movie RolePlus: Nick Fury to have a bigger part in ‘Iron Man 2’?
  10. the industry
    Nicolas Cage Gets MedievalPlus: Ben Stiller gets in on the lucrative TV office-comedy market.