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Season Premieres

  1. returns
    Here’s When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Coming BackSoon!
  2. season premieres
    Why Younger Finally Decided to Drop That Big Bombshell“We wanted to start the season with a bang.”
  3. the walking dead
    Greg Nicotero Didn’t Mean to Troll You With The Walking Dead’s Premiere“Well, it certainly wasn’t intended that way.”
  4. let us discuss
    The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere: Let’s Discuss Who Negan KilledBloody hell.
  5. season premieres
    Degrassi Will Return This SummerJuly 22!
  6. overnights
    Homeland Season 4 Premiere Recap: Bad MomWorking single mothers: How do they do it?
  7. overnights
    Outlander Series Premiere Recap: A Thoroughly Modern WomanWelcome to 18th-century Scotland — and our Outlander recap.
  8. season premieres
    The 7 Things That Happen on Every Suits EpisodeSo many stupid secrets!
  9. season premieres
    Lena Dunham Tweets Girls Premiere DateThis season, Hannah gets a $3.5 million book deal but stays sad.
  10. season premieres
    Where Homeland Left Off, and Where We Hope It Does and Doesn’t GoCarrie! Saul! Brody! The gang’s all here.
  11. season premieres
    Parenthood’s Slightly Worrisome ReturnHurray, the Bravermans are back! But what’s the guy from Driveshaft doing there?
  12. overnights
    Breaking Bad Recap: I Forgive YouOne word: magnets.
  13. season premieres
    Breaking Bad Will Premiere Early at Comic-ConOn July 14.
  14. season premieres
    A Quick Refresher on Who Is Dead on True BloodAnd who is dead dead and undead, etc.
  15. season premieres
    Homeland’s Return Set for SeptemberMiss U, Carrie.
  16. season premieres
    Seth Rogen’s Episode of The Simpsons Airs TonightGuest-writer Rogen might make tonight’s premiere funny.
  17. overnights
    Weeds Season Premiere: Down in SmokeFor the first time, we are seeing unequivocally that Nancy just does not get it.
  18. overnights
    Dexter Season Premiere: Fresh BloodThere’s a big, shocking, bum-bum-bum reveal at the episode’s end, which constitutes a spoiler, so be warned!