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Second Act

  1. chat room
    Vanessa Hudgens Knew About Second Act’s Big Twist in AdvanceShe also can’t explain her Princess Switch hat.
  2. movie review
    Second Act Is a Strange, Scattered Attempt to Cash In on NostalgiaIn some ways, Jennifer Lopez’s latest embodies all the ways in which the mainstream “women’s comedy” is having an identity crisis right now.
  3. last night on late night
    Jennifer Lopez Takes the Correct Rom-Com Stance: ‘People Need Them!’We really do!
  4. only god and jlo can judge me
    Hallelujah! J.Lo Has Returned to Her True Talent, Romantic ComediesThe return of the queen.
  5. Julia Roberts Takes to the Workplace in New ComedyJulia Roberts’ next film will be a workplace comedy called Second Act, and it’s about “a woman who has never worked and is forced to take a […]