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    Iconoclasm Now: Charlie Hebdo and the Lethal Power of ArtThe Paris attack is a reminder that powerful images have always been under threat. 
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    Gaga’s Law: How Art Conquered Pop and Why Jay Z Goes to Art BaselJerry Saltz and Matthew Weinstein discuss.
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    John Waters Is a National TreasureNo one gets the cross-section of showbiz and fandom like him.
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    The 14 Best Museum Shows of 2014Matisse is No. 1.
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    ‘The Forever Now’ Is MoMA’s Market MomentWhat the year’s big survey show tells us about contemporary painting.
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    We Need to Reconsider Art School(Again.)
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Franz West, Matt Hoyt, and MoreIn a couple of cases, three very long sentences.
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    The Best of the Best of Jerry Saltz’s Facebook ChatOur senior art critic shared everything from his favorite emerging artists to why he brings doughnuts to the office.
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    Is There Great Art on Instagram? After a year, I’ve finally found an artist I’m excited about.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Condo, Perich, and MoreRapid-response criticism and a gigantic blue whale.
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    3-Sentence Reviews: All Hail Susan Te Kahurangi KingRapid-response criticism at Andrew Edlin and five other galleries.
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    Lisa Spellman Is a National TreasureFor 30 years, she’s shown a room can change the way we see the world.
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    MoMA’s 10-Year StruggleHappy anniversary, Yoshio Taniguchi Building!
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    3-Sentence Reviews: Picasso, Clemente, and MurakamiRapid-response criticism and Pablo’s enormous penis.
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    When Did the Art World Get So Conservative?When we’re treating works of art as ruthlessly and unsubtly as we would hate speech, is it political progress or aesthetic ignorance?
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    Do Not Miss MoMA’s Overwhelming Henri Matisse ExhibitionFew artists reward prolonged scrutiny more than Matisse.
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    Art Review: The Great, Inscrutable Robert GoberI don’t understand Gober’s work. That’s how I know how good it is.
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    Richard Prince’s Instagram Paintings Are Genius TrollingPrince is creating a rock-and-roll hip-hop ghetto patois of street dude, hipster, showman, and hunter.
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    Allora and Calzadilla’s Fault Lines Borders on Plagiarism“I couldn’t set aside how incredibly derivative this work is of that of Tino Sehgal’s.”
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    Jerry Saltz Dives Into the Lower East Side Art Scene and Emerges OptimisticThe Lower East Side is now far more than just not Chelsea.
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    The Saltz Cornucopia: 10 Fall Art Shows, ReviewedBetween Thursday and Saturday, over 150 exhibitions opened in New York.
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    Artforum and What’s Wrong With the Art WorldWhere are the women?
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    Saltz: A Prescription for the Met’s Modern WingIt comes down to one word.
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    Saltz: The Best of the Frieze and Outsider FairsTwo artists who rocked my senses.
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    Saltz on Oscar Murillo’s Candy Art“A nightmare of self-congratulatory hubris.”
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    Saltz: Ed Ruscha’s Amazing Talk at the FrickA great artist speaks, and our critic sees totally familiar paintings in totally new ways.
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    Jerry Saltz on James Franco’s ‘New Film Stills’In his repeated efforts to be an artist, Franco is only making bad art.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on Sigmar Polke at MoMA“A show of a great artist with great work that fails to be great.”
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on Nate LowmanA review of “Rave the Painforest,” at Maccarone gallery.
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    Saltz: This Renovation Plan Will Ruin MoMAThe greatest collection of modernism on Earth has been relegated to rotating storage.
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    Jerry Saltz on Gagosian’s Genius for Gigantism“I hope this tide will float nearby boats and not swamp them.”
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on the Best Booth at the Independent Art FairAnd the artists are anonymous.
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    Jerry Saltz on the Whitney BiennialCareful correctness abounds.
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    Jerry Saltz on His (Very Brief) Girls MomentWatch for New York’s art critic this Sunday.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Remembering Feature Gallery’s Hudson An art-first gallerist who was one of the last of his kind.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on the Brief, Great Career of Moira DryerA perfectly timed show at Eleven Rivington.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on Wade Guyton at Petzel GalleryHe’s “located between painting and printmaking, a computer and a printer, and dependent on the transmission of pure information.”
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz in Carrie Stettheimer’s DollhouseTiny masterpieces hiding in plain sight at MCNY.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on an Animated Watercolor Blade RunnerAll these moments will be lost in time, like tears.
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    Saltz: Attacked by the Left and Right for Discussing George Zimmerman’s PaintingLiberals begged our art critic not to discuss it on CNN. Right-wingers let loose after he did.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on How to See Yayoi Kusama’s Show Without the WaitListen to me, people.
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    Saltz on the Trouble With the M.F.A.“Maybe longtime instructors — like me — might have their hours cut back to make room for newer teachers to take the stage.”
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    Jerry Saltz: Lucy Dodd’s Painting Intoxicates (and So Do Her Cocktails)“I wanted to run my tongue on a couple of the paintings.”
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    Jerry Saltz: My Final Word on MoMA’s Woman Problem“I’ve said this enough times, and I am done complaining about it.”
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    Seeing Out Loud: Jerry Saltz on ‘Michael Williams: Painting’ at Canada Gallery“Williams’s new paintings suspended me in an optic warp.”
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    Saltz: As Auction Houses Win, Art Lovers LoseChristie’s expects $10 to 15 million for a Christopher Wool piece. And then it will rarely ever be seen in public again.
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    Seeing Out Loud: Saltz on Thomas Eggerer at Petzel Gallery“All the paintings are pointlessly big, physically unoriginal, and aimlessly narrative.”
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    Jerry Saltz on New York Graffiti Artists, Banksy, and Al Jazeera Fear“People like Banksy because other people have liked Banksy.”
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    Jerry Saltz on Art’s Insidious New Cliché: Neo-Mannerism“It’s everywhere, and it all looks the same.”