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  1. art
    Jerry Saltz: Jessica Jackson Hutchins Finds Truth in ClayShe’s among the best artists working in America today.
  2. seen
    SEEN’s Cost-Is-No-Object Art World Summer ItineraryDarling, you can afford to be everywhere, too, can’t you?
  3. seen
    Hope and Opportunism at the 2015 Havana Art BiennialThe most frequent conversation topic among Americans was: How do I buy a place down here?
  4. Is It Already Time for the Whitney Museum to Expand?The last of the meatpackers in the Meatpacking District will have to go.
  5. Will Someone Actually Pay $2 Million for an Elephant-Dung Painting?Chris Ofili’s The Holy Virgin Mary is heading to the auction block.
  6. seen
    Athens Calling: Maurizio Cattelan on Art and Survival in Crisis-Era Greece “Fuck Crisis, Let’s Dance.” 
  7. Richard Prince’s Instagram Thefts Ignite a Debate Over Social-Media OwnershipRichard Prince appropriated some images from SuicideGirls; now they want a piece of the profits, too.
  8. The Artist to Watch in 2016 Has Been Dead for 20 YearsGonzalo Fonseca, the father of abstract painter Caio Fonseca, is the subject of a new documentary.
  9. What Does Polish Grunge Nostalgia Look Like?Skinny boys and post–Iron Curtain grunge: Cut It Short by Tomasz Liboska and Michal Solarski.
  10. seen
    Will Emma Sulkowicz’s Protest Mattress Wind Up in a Museum?What’s next for Sulkowicz? “It’s going to be a big surprise, and the internet is going to lose its shit, I think.”
  11. go long
    Thom Yorke’s Latest Work Is on the Longer SideIt’s a nice, easy 432 hours.
  12. art
    First Look: Jeffrey Deitch’s Coney Island Street-Art ShowLady Pink, Daze, JR, and Swoon hit the beach!
  13. A Sneak Peek Inside the ARTnews All-Women IssueThe new issue argues that in the sexist art world, “in a way, very little has changed, and that’s what is frightening.”
  14. Exclusive Photos of A$AP Rocky Chilling, Blazing With an Artist PalA conversation with artist Daniel Arsham, who declined to smoke pot with Rocky.
  15. ‘We Have Lost the Ability to Flush the Toilet’: Art-Festival Culture in IstanbulAs the international art world touches down in Turkey against a backdrop of ISIS iconoclasm, it’s worth asking: Just where does festival culture leave us?
  16. When Did the Art World Become About Entertaining the Kids?Three new exhibits, as reviewed by a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old.
  17. seen in the studio
    Canines to Cannabis in Artist Huma Bhabha’s New Show“But hair, or maybe a swath of tentacles, covers where a nose and mouth would be.”
  18. High Times for High Art on the High LineYutaka Sone and Rashid Johnson walk and talk on the west-side elevated promenade.
  19. Are Art Forgers Scoundrels, or Merely Deluded Enthusiasts?“His preferred method was to buy supplies from Home Depot — about $6 per painting — and paste a digital reproduction of the original work onto a board.”
  20. 9 More Stories of Sex in Museums“I went to the James Turrell retrospective, and we were pretty handsy the whole time.”
  21. slideshow
    Dennis Feldman’s Guide to Hollywood Boulevard’s Fantastic Weirdos, 1969–72“I was doing a catalogue of Americans by psychology.”
  22. This Is What Happens When You Let Kim Gordon and Dan Graham Take Over a GalaIn support of the Kitchen, gala-going socialites eat burrata by marble frescoes while punk legends rock out.
  23. seen
    An Exhibit of Great Photography in Washington, D.C.When photographs stopped being unbiased truths.
  24. art
    When John Ashbery Was New York’s Art Critic“The show is like a marvelous overdose of spring tonic. After you come out of it, everything and everybody you see looks like a new percussion instrument.”
  25. art
    Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner in Their Bathing Suits in the HamptonsClement Greenberg stopped by.
  26. Blinged-Out Paintings in Sotheby’s Money AuctionBecause what does the art world love even more than art? Money!
  27. At Least Koons Can Still Afford to Make His Art in ManhattanHe’s soon to be evicted. And those Balloon Dogs need a big kennel.
  28. Where Can New York’s Oldest Alternative Art Space Afford to Move Next?White Columns versus the high rent in the neighborhood it helped gentrify.
  29. Meet Awol Erizku, the Art World’s New It BoyThe 26-year-old artist everyone seems to know.
  30. Downtown 81 in 2015The dowager empress of downtown Maripol hosts a screening of the film, which stars Basquiat.
  31. picasso baby
    Jay Z Seriously Pissed Off the Queen of Performance Art [Updated]Marina Abramovic says Jay Z “completely used me.”
  32. Everyone Loves Frida Kahlo, So Why Not Just Become a Frida?Ever wonder what Larry Gagosian looks like with a parrot on his head?
  33. seen
    Saltz: How Kim Kardashian Became ImportantLast year, just the idea that Kim and Kanye could be creating something got people’s panties in a real twist. Now Kanye has gotten an honorary Ph.D. from the same art school that gave me one, and Kim is a role model, too.
  34. Rembrandt and Dürer Prints Presumed Stolen From the Boston Public LibraryNo, you can’t check that Rembrandt out of the library.
  35. Play Through Pippin Barr’s Art-World Video GamesPippin Barr’s often satirical video games critique the self-serious art world.
  36. seen in the studio
    Tony Oursler’s Ghost StoriesYes, the artist’s studio is a bit spooky.
  37. Anne Pasternak Named Head of Brooklyn MuseumShe comes in riding high from Creative Time and Kara Walker.
  38. Whitney Names Scott Rothkopf Chief CuratorCurrent head of curatorial Donna De Salvo will get new position of deputy director for international initiatives and senior curator.
  39. Watch Abdelkader Benchamma Draw His Big Bang Drawing at the Drawing CenterHow do you draw dark matter?
  40. Preview Nick Cave’s ‘Here Hear’ in DetroitCave hopes to “interject the everyday experience of Detroit with transcendent moments.”
  41. Met Announces a Project for the Breuer BuildingThe air is alive with the sound of museums!
  42. Looking at Frida Kahlo’s Downright Racy Plant Paintings at the Botanical GardenForget the artist’s outré private life; what about her outré portrayal of poinsettias?
  43. Kenny Schachter’s New York Auctions DiaryThick in the air amid the good, bad, and really, really awful lies the unstoppable, implacable, genetically coded urge to create and collect.
  44. First-Year MFA Class Drops Out En Masse at USCEven during an art boom, are the costs of an MFA a realistic burden for students?
  45. Vito Schnabel’s VIP Show in Old Bowery BankThe non-famous people trying to get into “First Show/Last Show” — which consists solely of white male American artists — were denied in favor of celebrities and museum trustees.
  46. How to Do What Yoko Wants You To: Grapefruit, 51 Years LaterA look at Yoko Ono’s seminal collection of instructions, half a century down the line.
  47. Found Photography: DiversFor a summer day, Oliver Wasow gathers found photos of people jumping into the water.
  48. NADA Art Fair: A Debate (Over Delicious Tacos)The hipster answer to the big-money Englishness of Frieze New York.
  49. Jessica Craig-Martin’s Art-World Diary, Part 4: The Yoko MoMA Playground“Then someone touched me so I kicked him in the balls and took his wallet.”
  50. A Night of Boating for Creative Time, Alongside Artists and Bush Family MembersWhat else is there to do but put on couture and drink in the park?
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