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  1. Here’s What to Watch on Seeso Over the Weekend In partnership with Seeso. You get it. Seeso, the criminally cheap, ad-free streaming service we’ve been talking about for months has […]
  2. Watch NEW Episodes of ‘The Cyanide & Happiness Show’ on SeesoNot familiar with C&H? It’s an animated comedy series based on the popular webcomic, which has cultivated a bonkers online following. It’s a […]
  3. Inside the Bizarre Suburban World of ‘Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane’ This article is in partnership with Seeso. You get it. In 2008, at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, a 25-year-old Aussie […]
  4. Seeso…Is…Here. This article is in partnership with Seeso. You get it. The moment we’ve been yapping about for over 3 months now has finally […]
  5. The Best Holiday Viewing on Seeso This article is in partnership with Seeso. You get it. As we’ve been telling you for weeks, Seeso’s exclusive beta is officially live. […]
  6. Here’s What We Can Expect From The UCB Show On Seeso and the Return of the […] In partnership with Seeso. You Get It. It’s been nearly 18 years since the Upright Citizens Brigade TV show first aired on Comedy […]
  7. The Best of Seeso’s Beta (So Far) This article is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Seeso’s exclusive beta is officially live as of December 3rd. And with it […]
  8. NBC’s Streaming Comedy Channel Seeso Launches January 7thNBC’s comedy streaming platform Seeso just got an official launch date. NBC announced today that Seeso is set to launch to subscribers on […]
  9. Are You Signed Up for Seeso’s Exclusive Free Beta Launching This Week? […] This article is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. If you read Splitsider, you’ve probably heard about Seeso — the new streaming […]
  10. Watch the First Trailer for Seeso’s ‘The UCB Show’Ahead of the official launch of NBC’s Seeso next year, the comedy streaming site released the first trailer today for its original series The […]
  11. Seeso Beta Launches on Thursday December 3rdNBC’s Seeso officially launches in early 2016, but in the meantime, the streaming comedy channel will launch a special Beta version in just a […]
  12. The Entire ‘Saturday Night Live’ Library Is Headed to Seeso Next YearIf you’re an SNL fan who likes to watch old episodes in their entirety, you’ve probably been bummed since most of the SNL library disappeared […]
  13. The Seeso Secret SocietyThere is a secret society of comedy illuminati called Seeso, or is there? Watch as emerging comedians Dave Ahdoot and Ethan Fixell try to work […]
  14. New Comedy Channel Seeso to Add a ‘Human Touch’ to Digital Video […] This conversation is in partnership with Seeso. #YouGetIt. Today NBCUniversal announced the launch of a new streaming comedy […]
  15. NBC Announces Its New Comedy Streaming Service SeeSoBack in March, NBC revealed that they were planning to launch a comedy subscription video service sometime this year, and today it’s been […]