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  1. superheroes
    Spider-Ham’s Very Unkosher Journey From Joke to Spider-Verse Co-starPeter Porker’s backstory is as bizarre as you’d hope it would be.
  2. sequential art
    The Best Comics to Read in December 2018From cyanide milkshakes to leagues of extraordinary gentlemen.
  3. comics
    Chatting With Olivia Jaimes, the Mysterious Cartoonist Behind ‘Nancy’She rarely does live interviews with the press.
  4. obits
    Stan Lee Gave More Than He TookThe late comics legend has a tarnished legacy, but it still gleams bright.
  5. comics
    The 8 Best Comics to Read in NovemberFrom antifa to outer space.
  6. sequential art
    How Saga Comics Artist Fiona Staples Drew a MasterpieceAn exclusive look at sketches and the script from the first issue.
  7. sequential art
    Will Cartoonist Julie Doucet Finally Get Her Due?Her essential Dirty Plotte comics are finally being collected, but she says she’s done with the medium.
  8. comics
    Cartoonist Raina Telgemeier Will Publish Two New Books in 2019Guts and Share Your Smile are on their way, Vulture can announce.
  9. comics
    The 8 Best Comics to Read This OctoberFrom a Nazi-fighting folk singer to fish-shaped spaceships.
  10. sequential art
    Killmonger Mini-series Coming to Marvel in DecemberWriter Bryan Edward Hill tells us what to expect.
  11. comics
    The 8 Best Comics to Read in SeptemberFrom dystopian futures and lush fantasy epics, to a comic that flips superhero humor on its head.
  12. comics
    Rachel Lindsay’s Rx Proves Comics Are Perfect for Tackling Mental IllnessIt’s a meditation on a manic episode, and it’s more complicated than it looks.
  13. comics
    Comicsgate Is a Nightmare Tearing Comics Fandom Apart — So What Happens Next?There was a major escalation in the past week or so.
  14. This Comic Is Like Sliding Doors, Except TerrifyingIce Cream Man is one of the most unsettling series on the market today.
  15. comics
    Nick Drnaso on Sabrina, the First Comic to Make the Man Booker Prize Long List“I wound up with what I thought was just this massive failure of a project that was years in the making.”
  16. The Deadpool Moment: The Inside Story of Marvel’s Boom BrandHe went from comic-book zero to cinema hero.
  17. sequential art
    Looking for a Deadpool Deep Dive? Here Are 5 of His Classic Comic-Book StoriesJust in time for the new flick.
  18. avengers: infinity war
    The Creator of Avengers: Infinity War Villain Thanos Hates Marvel Comics’ Guts“Marvel tends to bring out the worst in me, at times,” says Jim Starlin.
  19. The 5 Best Comics to Read About Thanos Before Avengers: Infinity WarFrom his earliest days of evildoing to his present of pugnacity.
  20. Why Frank Miller Is Revisiting the World of 300 With His New XerxesIf he doesn’t have a T-shirt that says ‘Athenian Ninja’ by the end of the week, we’ve all failed.
  21. The 8 Best Comics to Read in AprilFrom a suicidal superhero to Walt Disney in rehab.
  22. sequential art
    The Best Comics to Read — and One Comics Doc to Watch — in MarchFrom a surreal treatise on art to the saga of a sinister ice-cream man.
  23. Ta-Nehisi Coates Will Write Captain America for Marvel ComicsThe relaunched series hits on the Fourth of July.
  24. sequential art
    Comics Creator Rick Veitch Talks Superhero Fascism and His Doubts About 9/11IDW is reprinting his lost classic The One.
  25. sequential art
    Superhero Comics’ Most Sympathetic Socialist Goes to WarJoshua Dysart will be writing the new comics mini-series.
  26. sequential art
    Marvel Comics Announces ‘Fresh Start’ for Its SuperheroesBut will it represent real change?
  27. 5 Black Panther Comics to Read Before You See the MovieFrom Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates.
  28. sequential art
    The Best Comics to Read in FebruaryFrom a cross-dressing prince to a mystical journalist.
  29. sequential art
    How Vertigo Changed Comics ForeverThe famed DC Comics imprint turned 25 this month.
  30. sequential art
    Superhero Publisher Valiant Sold to DMG EntertainmentIt’s a play for another cinematic superhero universe.
  31. sequential art
    The End of the F***ing World Comic Creator Talks Season TwoPlus, the real meaning behind that ambiguous ending.
  32. The Man Who Made Black Panther CoolChristopher Priest broke the color barrier at Marvel and reinvented a classic character. Why was he nearly written out of comics history?
  33. sequential art
    Dan Slott Leaving Amazing Spider-Man, Will Write Iron Man Series“This was a decision that was made way long ago.”
  34. sequential art
    Pushing Diversity Is a Tough Business for Four Indie-Comics PublishersThey think Marvel and DC aren’t doing enough.
  35. Saga Creators Vaughan and Staples: No Movie On the Way, but Maybe a MusicalThey were elated to hear Lin-Manuel Miranda was into them.
  36. sequential art
    Jeff Lemire Is the Hardest-Working Man in ComicsThe writer-artist has a big year ahead of him.
  37. sequential art
    Cartoonist Charles Burns Looks Back at Black HoleAnd he addressed the rumor that Mr. Burns is named after him.
  38. sequential art
    8 Comics to Read in DecemberFrom da Vinci to the Punisher.
  39. sequential art
    Marvel’s New Editor-in-Chief Admits Writing Under Japanese PseudonymC.B. Cebulski pretended to be ‘Akira Yoshida.’
  40. sequential art
    The Watchmen Sequel Is Off to a Good Start, Surprisingly EnoughYou just have to accept the circumstances of its existence.
  41. justice league
    Justice League’s Villains Came From the Wildest Experiment in Comic-Book HistoryThe saga known as the Fourth World was a failure at first, but seminal in the long run.
  42. sequential art
    Netflix Announces Its First Comic BookIt’ll be written by Mark Millar and drawn by Olivier Coipel.
  43. sequential art
    Marvel Comics Star Brian Michael Bendis Moves to Rival DCThe biggest hiring decision in recent comics history.
  44. sequential art
    8 Comics to Read (and One Comics Movie to Watch) in NovemberFrom Spider-Man to the history of women in comics.
  45. thor: ragnarok
    5 Comics to Read Before You See Thor: RagnarokFrom the charming to the apocalyptic.
  46. sequential art
    8 Comics to Read in OctoberFrom a magical scarf to flying whales.
  47. sequential art
    Revisiting One of the Greatest Superhero Stories, Kingdom ComeThe 1996 story has lessons that creators and publishers should heed.
  48. obits
    Wolverine and Swamp Thing Co-Creator Len Wein Dead at 69He was responsible for reimagining the X-Men and editing Watchmen, among other achievements.
  49. sequential art
    The 8 Best Comics to Read in SeptemberFrom postapocalyptic flying monkeys to a modern twist on Jane Eyre.
  50. sequential art
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are About to Hit a MilestoneIt’s all about longevity.
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