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Serena Williams

  1. vulture sports
    Naomi Osaka Shouts Out Serena Williams After Emotional Australian Open Win“For me, I want her to play forever.”
  2. the chosen one
    Usain Bolt Blesses the Internet With Daughter, Olympia Lightning BoltHe shared the photos on his girlfriend Kasi Bennett’s birthday.
  3. awards seasom
    The Reign of Incorporating ‘Everyday People’ Into the Oscars Is OverThey “don’t get me ratings,” the ceremony’s producer said.
  4. trailer mix
    HBO’s Being Serena Trailer: Serena Williams Is Not Done With Tennis Yet, FoolsGOAT.
  5. summon the beyhive
    Serena Williams Explains Her Lemonade CameoAnd dance she did.
  6. taxis
    Serena Williams Enlists the Help of a Taxi to Finish Her Own 5K Charity RaceThe best athlete of her generation doesn’t use Uber, she uses good old fashioned taxis.
  7. Claudia Rankine: Serena, Indian Wells, and Race“You want history to be forced to adjust itself in terms of the past.”
  8. beef
    Turns Out That Drake-Common Beef Was Over Serena WilliamsThe truth!
  9. rap oddities
    Serena Williams Will Now Rap for YouIt’s … a start?