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  1. recaps
    The 3 Most Interesting Things About ‘Serial’ Season 2 Episode 1, ‘Dustwun’Listening to Bergdahl speak is itself fascinating.
  2. zomg serial’s back
    ‘Serial’ Composer on Season Two’s Ambient SoundLess guitar, more synths.
  3. serial
    ‘Serial’ Is Back!It tells the story of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.
  4. books
    Rabia Chaudry From ‘Serial’ Is Writing a Book About Adnan Syed’s CaseAdnan’s Story is out next September.
  5. courts
    Adnan From ‘Serial’ Is Getting a New Hearing, Where Asia Will Finally TestifyMaryland granted his motion to reopen post-conviction proceedings.
  6. listen up
    The One Podcast to Start With, Across 24 TopicsThere are simply too many podcasts. Here’s where to start.
  7. the industry
    ‘Serial’ the Podcast Will Now Become Serial the TV Show By The Lego Movie guys.
  8. Phil Lord and Chris Miller Are Developing a TV Adaptation of the ‘Serial’ […]Phil Lord and Chris Miller are known for taking on some strange-sounding TV and movie projects, and their latest addition is no exception. […]
  9. serial
    Serial Creator Sarah Koenig Misses Her AnonymityDon’t expect season two to have the same universal appeal as season one.
  10. serial
    Adnan’s Attorney: Cellular Evidence Was FaultyHe says he has new evidence that bolsters the case to overturn the 2000 conviction.
  11. peabody awards
    Cecily Strong Brought Back Her Sarah Koenig Impression at the Peabody Awards“You remember Asia McClain.”
  12. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Will Have at Least 3 SeasonsIt’ll be a trilogy!
  13. law
    Adnan Syed From ‘Serial’ Is One Tiny Step Closer to a New TrialIt’s all thanks to Asia McClain.
  14. mailkimp
    Voice Behind the ‘Serial’ ‘Mail … Kimp’ Revealed [Updated]Well, sort of.
  15. party chat
    Legally Blonde Cures Sarah Koenig’s Flying FearsAnd Legally Blonde 2.
  16. podcasts
    Rabia From ‘Serial’ Is Making Her Own Podcast About AdnanShe’ll examine Adnan’s case with two other lawyers.
  17. Sarah Koenig Is Not About to Crowd-Source Her Stories on Reddit“I didn’t even know what Reddit was.”
  18. timelines
    A Timeline of Events Since the ‘Serial’ PremiereFinally, a “Serial” timeline that does not include cell-phone records or Leakin Park.
  19. appeals
    Adnan Syed From ‘Serial’ Wins Motion to AppealThe Serial effect.
  20. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Witness Now Says She Never Recanted Her Alibi TestimonyAsia McClain tells the Blaze she was never pressured by Adnan’s family.
  21. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Prosecutor Insists Everything Was FineProsecutor Kevin Urick says anti-Muslim sentiment played no part in the case.
  22. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Hits Back on Prosecutor’s AllegationsKevin Urich told the Intercept this week that he wasn’t contacted by the podcast until shortly before its finale.
  23. podcasts
    The Prosecutor in the ‘Serial’ Case Says Everything Was on the Up-and-UpIt was “pretty much a run-of-the-mill domestic violence murder,” says Kevin Urick.
  24. serial
    Jay From ‘Serial’ Thinks He Was ‘Demonized’“Once you engage in a criminal act … you don’t lose your link to humanity.”
  25. podcasts
    Jay From ‘Serial’ Just Gave His First InterviewWith yet another timeline of events.
  26. ‘SNL’ Review: Amy Adams’ Got Christmas SpiritLike anything else this time of year, it’s hard not to come away from SNL in good spirits. Traditionally, the show’s holiday episode provides […]
  27. saturday night live
    Saturday Night Live’s ‘Serial’ Parody Is So Freaking GoodAlso: Christmas stuff, yay!
  28. The ‘Serial’ Ending Never Belonged to UsA final look at a cultural obsession.
  29. recaps
    The 3 Most Interesting Things From ‘Serial’ Episode 12, ‘What We Know’The grand finale.
  30. season finales
    Let’s Talk About the End of ‘Serial’We’ll have a proper recap later today.
  31. podcasts
    Every ‘Serial’ Theory, From Most to Least PlausibleWas the real culprit a drug dealer or a serial killer?
  32. funny or die
    See an Eerily Accurate Parody of the ‘Serial’ FinaleSarah Koenig is under a lot of pressure.
  33. podcasts
    5 Loose Threads the ‘Serial’ Finale Must Tie UpBesides the question of who did it.
  34. serial
    Best Buy Made Not the Best ‘Serial’ Joke on TwitterOof.
  35. podcasts
    The 3 Most Interesting Things From ‘Serial’ Episode 11, ‘Rumors’Can you ever tell if someone’s a psychopath?
  36. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Calls ‘Serial’ Host Sarah Koenig His Favorite Guest of All TimeGood way to start New Episode of “Serial” Day.
  37. podcasts
    Adnan Syed’s Family: ‘Serial’ Has Brought Us Closer Together“Sarah is so thorough and clean. She’s doing a better job investigating than the police did.”
  38. podcasts
    The 3 Most Interesting Things From ‘Serial’ Episode 10Was anti-Muslim sentiment behind Adnan’s conviction? And other questions raised.
  39. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Court Case Might Actually Have Some ResolutionAdnan Syed is getting one last appeal hearing.
  40. podcasts
    The ‘Serial’ Podcast Is Getting a Second SeasonThanks to donations.
  41. radio vulture
    The Strange Intimacy of ‘Serial’What gives the podcast’s storytellers, and its listeners, the right to parse through the very private details of other people’s lives? 
  42. serial
    The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From ‘Serial’ Episode 9There were never any phones at the Best Buy.
  43. podcasts
    Adnan’s Family Just Gave Their First Interview About ‘Serial’“Some days I’ll be like, This is a really great episode, and some days I’ll feel down and depressed.”
  44. podcasts
    A Whole Lot of People Are Listening to ‘Serial’The true-crime podcast became iTunes’ fastest-ever to hit 5 million downloads and streams.
  45. crimes
    5 Reasons Everyone’s Obsessed with ‘Serial’Well, it’s really good, for starters.
  46. radio
    ‘Serial’s Sarah Koenig on Her Hit Podcast“I don’t know that I’ll ever be at peace with what we find or that there will be a definitive verdict.”