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    HBO’s Game of Thrones Series Finale Trailer: The End Is NighIn every game, someone must lose.
  2. The Americans: In MemoriamPhilip and Elizabeth Jennings killed an awful lot of people.
  3. good-byes
    Jim Gaffigan Show to End After 2nd Season “It is hard to say goodbye to this highly personal passion project.”
  4. Watch a Sneak Peek from Next Week’s ‘Key and Peele’ Series FinaleAfter five seasons on Comedy Central, Key and Peele sadly comes to an end next week with a special double-episode series finale on September […]
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    Parks and Recreation Series Finale: First in FriendshipHow do you say good-bye to your friends?
  6. Larry David and Bill Simmons Talk ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ and […]“I think the thing about finales is everybody writes their own finale in their head, whereas if they just tune in during the week to a normal […]
  7. Heather Graham on Closing Out Californication“I think my story with David was actually very sweet.”
  8. ‘HIMYM’ Series Finale Originally Included ‘Heart-Wrenching’ Funeral SceneHIMYM fans who are still recovering from the bombshell series finale might find some solace in an update from TV Line, in which cast member […]
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    Breaking Bad Finale: Walter White Is a (Ratings) MonsterAnd over on Showtime, Homeland and Masters of Sex did okay.
  10. It’s That Episode: Gabrus! Gemberling! ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale!On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of […]
  11. ‘Futurama’s Final Episode Airs TonightAfter 14 years (on and off), seven seasons, and two networks, Futurama is endings its run with one final episode tonight. Comedy Central, who […]
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    Here’s a List of All the Cameos on The Office Finale [UPDATE]Many of the show’s writers, producers, and crew members (as well as their loved ones) turned up onscreen.
  13. ‘The Office’ Series Finale Review: Goodbye, Dunder MifflinAfter 201 episodes of Dunder Mifflin adventures, The Office – which set the trend for dry, music-free, single-camera American mockumentary […]
  14. ‘The Office’ Finale Spoilers and Guest Stars RevealedThe Office only has four episodes left, with the last two set to air as a special one-hour finale on May 16th, and NBC just released a long […]
  15. ‘The Office’s One-Hour Finale Set for May 16th After eight years and nine seasons on the air, The Office now has an end date: May 16th, 2013. NBC announced today that the final episode […]
  16. Adult Swim’s ‘Delocated’ Is Ending Its Run with a Special Series Finale […]Last year, Jon Glaser’s witness protection comedy Delocated ended its third season in a way that made a fourth season seem uncertain. Today, […]
  17. The Cast and Crew of ‘30 Rock’ Say Goodbye to Tina Fey If you thought you’d never see Tracy Morgan cry, you’re wrong.
  18. Steve Carell Explains Why Michael Scott Won’t Be Back for ‘The Office’s […]Word came in via showrunner Greg Daniels and NBC boss Bob Greenbatt earlier this month that Steve Carell won’t be back to play Michael Scott […]
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    Series Finale Time: Seven Reasons We’ll Miss FringeGoodnight, sweet Fringe.
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    Gossip Girl Series Finale Recap: I Guess That Means It’s All Over NowPressler and Rozvar, together one last time to discuss the Greatest Show of Our Time.
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    House Series Finale: The Show Was a Meditation on MiseryWho is it that always says people don’t change? Oh right. House.
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    ER Series Finale: The Circle of Life Spins OutWhy it won’t go down in history as a great series finales.
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    Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: What on Earth … ?The prophesies were true: The show has ended and answered some of our questions.