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  1. series finales
    3 Wild and Crazy Former Vamps Reminisce About True BloodDenis O’Hare, Michael McMillian, and James Frain help us put a stake in the series’ heart.
  2. series finales
    What to Remember Before the True Blood FinaleA lot can happen in two years.
  3. boning up
    The 7 True Blood-iest Sex Scenes in True Blood HistoryFrom hate sex to grave sex, and everything in between.
  4. chat room
    Elijah Wood on the Wilfred Finale and Selfies“Selfies, man. I’m so ready for that word to be taken out of our vernacular.”
  5. series finales
    Sons of Anarchy’s Final Season Looks BleakNot unlike its other seasons.
  6. Heather Graham on Closing Out Californication“I think my story with David was actually very sweet.”
  7. vulture lists
    The 35 Worst Worst Sex Acts in CalifornicationThe show aired its series finale last night.
  8. vulture tv awards
    Vulture TV Awards: Most Disappointing ShowPlus a few dishonorable mentions.
  9. review roundup
    Review Roundup: There Were Some HIMYM DefendersThough many asked if it was possible for a disastrous conclusion to negate everything that came before it?
  10. series finales
    The How I Met Your Mother Finale Bailed on the Entire ShowToo bad all those slaps are used up. Because the show could really have used one more.
  11. legendary
    Looking Back at How I Met Your Mother’s Terrific PilotSix things that made HIMYM’s 2005 premiere so special and how they might be echoed in tonight’s finale.
  12. series finales
    See Photos of Robin and Barney’s How I Met Your Mother WeddingSave Patrice.
  13. series finales
    See a Clip of the HIMYM Cast on Inside the Actors StudioJames Lipton wants to talk to Barney.
  14. crackpot theories
    Cristin Milioti Deflects HIMYM Death Questions“That’s insane,” she says. Which is not a denial.
  15. series finales
    Psych Is EndingAfter eight seasons.
  16. alternate endings
    Ryan Murphy Confirms Original Glee EndingFinn and Rachel would have reunited in Lima.
  17. series finales
    The show’s upcoming season will be its last.
  18. it's so hard to say goodbye
    Behold the Final Two Pages of Breaking Bad’s Finale Script“Walt is back where he belongs. He’s back with his True Love.”
  19. series finales
    Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan on the Finale’s Toughest SceneIt’s not the first moment that pops to mind.
  20. your tv ratings explained
    Breaking Bad Finale: Walter White Is a (Ratings) MonsterAnd over on Showtime, Homeland and Masters of Sex did okay.
  21. series finales
    Five Loose Ends Breaking Bad Probably Won’t Tie UpWon’t someone please get Huell out of that sad room?
  22. overnights
    Dexter Series Finale Recap: A Terrible EndDexter draws to a close. And we are angry at how bad it was.
  23. series finales
    What Happened on the Dexter Finale?Spoilers, duh.
  24. series finales
    Betsy Brandt Couldn’t Handle Last Week’s Breaking Bad“I couldn’t watch.”
  25. series finales
    Take a Walk Down Dexter’s Memory LaneHi, Doakes!
  26. series finales
    Mad Men’s Final Season Will Air in Two PartsSeven episodes this spring, seven episodes in 2015.
  27. series finales
    Dexter’s Kill Clothes Are Sexy for a ReasonWe’re going to miss that army green shirt.
  28. the best of tv
    The 10 Toughest TV Farewells of the YearGossip Girl and Liz Lemon, we’ll miss you forever.
  29. series finales
    The 5 Most Unforgettable Episodes of InterventionWe will miss you, Intervention.
  30. series finales
    Vince Gilligan Cried Writing the End of Breaking BadRuh roh.
  31. series finales
    Good-bye, BorgiasThe show ends June 16.
  32. series finales
    Intervention Is EndingSad.
  33. that's what she said
    See All the Michael Scott Scenes From The Office Series FinaleGood-bye, show.
  34. series finales
    Our Six Feet Under–Style Good-bye to The OfficeHere’s how the Dunder Mifflinites will all pass. Cue the Sia.
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    Where Each Office Cast Member Is Headed NextLots of pilots in the works …
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    Of Course Steve Carell Will Be on the Office FinaleMichael Scott lives.
  37. series finales
    Here’s a Mild Spoiler for The Office FinaleIt’s just a few weeks away.
  38. series finales
    Watch a Teaser for the Final Season of DexterSad Deb is sad. (And drunk.)
  39. series finales
    Dexter Will Almost Definitely End This YearSays Les Moonves, CEO of CBS. 
  40. series finales
    Well, 90210 Made It Five SeasonsIt’s ending May 13.
  41. series finales
    Vince Gilligan Will Direct Breaking Bad’s FinaleThe end times draw near.