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  1. game of chairs
    Sesame Street Did a Game of Thrones ParodyWho will sit on the iron throne? 
  2. sesame street
    Ed Sheeran Fits Right in With the Cast of Sesame StreetHe lives in two different worlds. 
  3. House of Cards Gets the Sesame Street Parody It DeservesIntroducing: Frank Underwolf.
  4. parodies
    Sesame Street’s Birdman Parody Is Almost Too On the NoseDo children get this stuff? 
  5. sesame street
    Being on Sesame Street Makes Bill Hader Super GrouchySo do vegetables dancing the polka. 
  6. tv
    Macklemore Reworked ‘Thrift Shop’ for Sesame StreetHe’s going to be a dad soon.
  7. sesame street
    Watch One Direction Sing About Underpants and Udon on Sesame Street“What Makes U Useful.”
  8. Christoph Waltz Sings His Heartbreaking Rendition of the ‘Sesame Street’ […]Christoph Waltz is a big fan of Sesame Street, but not for the reasons you might think: “It’s so trenchant, it’s raw, it’s full of despair, […]
  9. last night on late night
    Christoph Waltz Made Sesame Street Creepy/TragicNot so sunny days.
  10. sesame street
    John Oliver Breaks Cookie Monster’s Brain by Calling Him ‘Biscuit Monster’Britishisms!
  11. Learn the Meaning of ‘Ridiculous’ with Grover and Aziz AnsariHere’s a clip from Aziz Ansari’s recent visit to Sesame Street, where he and Grover were tasked with using chicken costumes, stove top hats, […]
  12. sesame street
    Aziz Ansari and Grover Get Very, Very Silly in This Sesame Street ClipOr: “ridiculous.” 
  13. sesame street
    Claire Danes Teaches Cookie Monster How to Make a DiagramThe not-crazy kind.
  14. candy
    Mindy Kaling and Elmo Are Super Enthusiastic About StuffDancing with chickens!
  15. sesame street
    Lupita Nyong’o & Elmo Hang Out on Sesame StreetAnd chat about their skin.
  16. tv
    Watch Sesame Street’s Star Wars Parody, ‘Star S’mores’Starring Luke Piewalker, Flan Solo, and Only One Cannoli.
  17. sesame street
    Watch Janelle Monae Groove Her Way Down Sesame Street“The Power of Yet.”
  18. John Oliver, Kate McKinnon, and Nick Offerman Join Cookie Monster for a […]In fake shows that should be real shows news, Mashable recently made the above episode of a fake kids news show called W-ORD Channel 7 News […]
  19. tv
    PBS Is Making a Shorter Sesame StreetWhich means 50 percent more Sesame Street every day.
  20. r.i.p.
    Watch Maya Angelou Sing ‘My Name’ on Sesame StreetAnd play patty-cake with Elmo.
  21. sesame street
    Watch Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Get Emotional on Sesame Street“What does guilty look like, Jon?”
  22. one day smores
    Sesame Street’s Les Miz Parody Is Finally HereMeet Jean Bon-Bon.
  23. flappy bert
    Play Sesame Street’s Flappy Bird Parody, Flappy BertIt’s the game everyone loves, but with Bert.
  24. sesame street
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Do Some Super-Sleuthing on Sesame Street“I’m really just an actor.”
  25. my precious
    Watch Sesame Street Take On Lord of the RingsStarring Cookie Monster.
  26. parody
    Watch Sesame Street’s Flawless Hunger Games ParodyStarring Cookieness Evereat.
  27. parodies
    See Sesame Street’s Perfect Homeland ParodyHomelamb.
  28. sesame street
    Usher Sings His Own ABCs on Sesame StreetWe like these better.
  29. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Did the ‘Sesame Street’ Theme Song With Muppet […] The Muppet cast of Sesame Street joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots last night to perform the Sesame Street theme song on classroom […]
  30. kid stuff
    Jimmy Fallon, the Roots, and Muppets Sing the Sesame Street ThemeCan you tell Fallon apart from Elmo?
  31. national treasures
    The Muppets Take the SmithsonianMiss Piggy and the gang are joining Kermit in the museum.
  32. sesame street
    Watch Peter Dinklage Sing on Sesame StreetHe has a beautiful voice, that Dinklage.
  33. sesame street
    See Game of Thrones’ Cersei Visit Sesame StreetQuick, grab a Muppet for Joffrey.
  34. sesame street
    Watch Superman Visit Sesame StreetHenry Cavill and Elmo totally bro out.
  35. important lessons
    See Tom Hiddleston Teach Cookie Monster a Sesame Street LessonCookie Monster was not in The Avengers. Unfortunately.
  36. sesame street covers
    Watch Cookie Monster Cover Icona Pop’s ‘I Love It’It’s called “Me Want It (But Me Wait),” and it’s about self-regulation.
  37. Vine 5 Film Festival: Absolutely No LemonsVine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very […]
  38. giant talking vegetables
    Watch James Gandolfini on a 2002 Episode of Sesame StreetThe dark, haircuts, and giant talking vegetables.
  39. the children are our future
    Watch Jon Hamm on Sesame StreetNow you know what “sculpture” means.
  40. cute stuff
    Watch Melissa McCarthy Dance on Sesame StreetCute.
  41. Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Sesame StreetExactly the guy you want to learn words from.
  42. clickables
    See Sesame Street Take On Downton AbbeyStarring Muppet Lady Grantham and Carson!
  43. vulture imagines
    Walking Dead Zombie Sounds Work for EveryoneClassic TV and movie mumblers and chompers get the zombie growl treatment.
  44. resignations
    Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash ResignsAnd a new accuser comes forth.
  45. elmo
    Elmo Puppeteer’s Accuser Has a Shady PastHe was arrested for robbing a former employer at knifepoint.
  46. lawsuits
    Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash’s Accuser Recants Sexual Abuse AllegationsEncounter deemed “adult consensual relationship.” 
  47. breaking bad
    Today’s Three Outstanding Breaking Bad Mash-Up Memes Are …Chavril FTW.
  48. sesame street
    Sesame Street Parodied Boardwalk Empire With ‘Birdwalk Empire’Steve Buscemi looks great!
  49. zac efron
    Watch Zac Efron’s Disarmingly Charming Sesame Street AppearanceElmo is freaking annoying in this video, though.
  50. sesame street
    Watch Grover and Cookie Monster Parody TVOut of the way, kids, it’s grown-up time!
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