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Set Design

  1. emmy insider
    Couples Therapy Built the World’s Most Convincing Reality-TV SetHow the Showtime docuseries filmed inside a fake therapy office without participants ever seeing any cameras.
  2. set design
    Bodies, Entrails, and Blood: Behind Gary’s Gruesome (Yet Funny) Scenic DesignHow do you make a pile of dead bodies seem funny?
  3. set design
    How Fosse/Verdon Rebuilt the Sets of the Show’s Key Movies and MusicalsProduction designer Alex DiGerlando walks us through the series’ film and stage re-creations, from Sweet Charity to All That Jazz.
  4. set design
    Westworld Sets Destroyed by California WildfiresFirst the Bachelor mansion, now this.
  5. behind the scenes
    How Better Call Saul Rebuilt the Meth Superlab From Breaking BadThe “daunting” project took a team of 75 set designers, artists, and carpenters, plus advice from a structural engineer.
  6. set design
    How Kidding Invented Its Very Own Children’s Puppet ShowStep one: Hire an Emmy-winning Sesame Street veteran.
  7. backstories
    How Sharp Objects Made Amma’s Creepy DollhouseThe show spent “six figures” building its crucial, labor-intensive prop.
  8. Spike Lee Explains Nola Darling’s Amazing Bed in She’s Gotta Have It“It couldn’t have been an ordinary bed. It would not have had the same impact.”
  9. how they did it
    How Stranger Things Made the Sprawling Tunnel Maps in Will’s House“It was a nightmare, I’m not going to lie.”
  10. set design
    Was That David Hyde Pierce’s Real House in the Wet Hot American Summer Sequel?Vulture investigates.
  11. Watch the 3 Color Tricks That Defined La La Land’s Dreamy Los AngelesMia’s yellow dress is a pretty important plot device.
  12. punkmageddon
    How Mad Max Revolutionized What the Future Looked Like in FilmThe day the apocalypse went punk.
  13. behind the scenes
    Photos: We Visited Saturday Night Live’s Set-Building FactoryBehind the scenes with the rapid-fire builders.
  14. carcosa
    People Had Many Game of Thrones/Carcosa JokesThe three-eyed raven is the Yellow King.