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  1. Jon Daly Turns Dumb Joke Prompts to Comic Gold on ‘Set List’Here’s the newest episode of the improvised standup series Set List featuring Kroll Show’s Jon Daly, who has to riff on pun prompts like “blow […]
  2. Watch Todd Glass Be Amazing at Improvised Standup on ‘Set List’ Here’s the latest episode of Nerdist’s web series Set List, based on the popular live show of the same name, in which comedians do standup […]
  3. Talking to Paul Provenza About Set List, ‘The Green Room,’ and Taking […]It takes someone who truly loves comedy to dissect it, analyze it, and fuck with it as much as Paul Prozenza. His show Set List, which is […]
  4. Watch the Web Debut of the Improvised Stand-Up Show ‘Set List’ with Bob […] Set List is an improvised stand-up show that originated in LA before touring the world and becoming an upcoming TV show in the UK and […]
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    How the Arctic Monkeys Plan a Set ListJamie Cook: “A slow moment in the set. If she’s stayed this long, you can make out with her here.”