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  1. stand-up
    Seth Meyers Announces His Debut Netflix Stand-up SpecialLobby Baby premieres on November 5.
  2. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Calls Out Kenan Thompson for Disrespecting His Late Night DeskThis is very unprofessional!
  3. last night on late night
    Amber Ruffin Is Here to Educate You About Black SquirrelsThanks to the return of “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.”
  4. last night on late night
    Toni Collette Is Also a Fan of John Early’s Toni Collette Impersonation“Oh, he’s so lovely!”
  5. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers Lose It Imagining Trump, the Tango & Cash Superfan“You guys seen Tango & Cash? It’s really good.”
  6. last night on late night
    Allow Amber Ruffin to Perfectly Summarize the New Harriet Tubman MoviePlus, Seth Meyers tells a pussy joke.
  7. last night on late night
    How Late-Night Hosts Reacted to the First Democratic Debate“It was an excellent dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s actual debate.”
  8. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Learns the Difference Between Straight Brides and Lesbian Brides“Jokes Seth Can’t Tell” is back.
  9. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Casts Doubt on Donald Trump’s TrustworthinessAll we have is his word against 22 other people’s.
  10. murder!!
    Paula Pell and John Lutz Are Teaming Up for a Murder-Mystery ComedySeth Meyers and Lorne Michaels are producing.
  11. day drinking
    Seth Meyers Didn’t Cancel His Show for His Son’s Birth, But He Did for Rihanna“So the order goes, my first son, Rihanna, my second son.”
  12. last night on late night
    When Seth Meyers Day Drinks With Rihanna, We All Day Drink With RihannaYou can tell he’s nervous when he chugs a beer first thing.
  13. politics
    A Guide to Next Week’s Live Late-Night Coverage of the Democratic DebatesSeth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Stephen Colbert will all host live episodes.
  14. last night on late night
    Leslie Jones Reflects on Game of Thrones Series Finale in Last ‘Game of Jones’Luckily there’s still plenty of Chernobyl to riff on.
  15. last night on late night
    It’s Extremely Okay If Trump Calls You a LoserHonestly would you *want* him to think you’re cool?
  16. party report
    Seth Meyers Reveals His Two Favorite SNL Sketches From This SeasonAnd he’s in neither of them.
  17. last night on late night
    A Hash Brown Finally Gives Us Some Real Hope for AmericaIt’s the next best thing to change.
  18. last night on late night
    Aidy Bryant Had a Slightly More Emo High-School Experience Than Meghan McCain“I definitely was like, ‘Oh, man, we had different experiences of high school.’”
  19. last night on late night
    Late Night’s Men Allow Women to Explain Alabama Abortion BanThey could do it without them, but they’re probably not allowed to.
  20. last night on late night
    Bill Hader Shares How Good Fred Armisen Is at Torturing Co-WorkersIt’s a nightmare but also, hilarious.
  21. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Is Concerned About Donald Trump’s FinancesAnd, of course, his mental health.
  22. last night on late night
    Adam Sandler’s Old SNL Office Now Belongs to the ‘Weekend Update’ Guys“I did look at Farley’s old desk and I thought of all the crazy …”
  23. last night on late night
    Tim Robinson Explains How I Think You Should Leave Cast That ‘Stinky’ GuySTINKY!
  24. last night on late night
    Amy Sedaris Shares Some Important Updates About Her Rabbit TinaTina isn’t a girl after all.
  25. last night on late night
    Watch Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones Shriek at Game of Thrones One Last TimeNobody should trust Leslie Jones with a dragon, because she’d be doing drive-bys every week.
  26. last night on late night
    Donald Trump’s Advisors Include a Surprising Number of GhostsIt’s more than you’d think, anyway.
  27. renewals
    Fear Not, for More Documentary Now! Is on the WayMeyers, Armisen, and Mulaney will be back soon with a new batch of episodes.
  28. last night on late night
    President Trump Battles Windmills and There’s Nothing Ironic About ThatNo literary comparisons to be made here, nerds!
  29. last night on late night
    Finally, Late Night Comedy Is Acknowledging How Noisy Tampons AreEquality, it is here.
  30. last night on late night
    Steve Martin Demands the Guest Perks He Paid for, Seth MeyersAnd he will get them, damn it!
  31. last night on late night
    Extra Extra! Beto Is Running & His Hand Gestures Are Weird!Late night hosts weighed in on the new presidential hopeful.
  32. new media takeover
    Lilly Singh Announced Her New NBC Late Night Show on The Tonight ShowShe’s not coming for Jimmy Fallon’s job, but she is going to need to borrow his desk.
  33. last night on late night
    Being Wealthy Might Be Bad for Your BrainIt’s a way of being only cats can handle.
  34. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Reminds Us We Are Truly All Insane NowWe normalized this.
  35. on comedy
    Here’s a Gloomy SNL Memory, Compliments of John Mulaney and Seth Meyers“People were excellent at passive aggression.”
  36. snl
    John Mulaney and Seth Meyers Talk About the Stefon Movie That Never Got MadeIt involved Meyers in a body bag.
  37. accomplishments
    Seth Meyers Delivers the Longest ‘Closer Look’ Segment YetA stunning accomplishment.
  38. last night on late night
    Which Late Night Green Book Parody Is Right for You?Desus & Mero vs. Amber & Seth
  39. tv review
    Documentary Now! Is So Much More Than ParodyIn its third season, the IFC comedy goes beyond filmmaking karaoke to tell strange, poignant, mesmerizing stories.
  40. last night on late night
    Late-Night Hosts Mock Trump’s National Emergency“That’s like saying, ‘I’m having emergency surgery to get butt implants. I didn’t need to do this, but I hate doing squats.’”
  41. last night on late night
    And Now, a Lost Jon Bovi Sketch With Will Forte and Jason SudeikisSeth Meyers brings a cut-for-time SNL sketch out of the vault, because it’s … Christmas?
  42. the lonely island
    Seth Meyers Picks the Best Lonely Island Short of All TimeIn Andy Samberg’s final season on SNL, Seth Meyers had an idea: a bracket, voted on by the staff of the show, to determine the greatest digital short.
  43. happy hour
    Please Enjoy This Clip of Ina Garten and Seth Meyers Getting Very DrunkJust two TV-host heroes getting sloshed.
  44. last night on late night
    ‘Jokes Seth Can’t Tell’ Returns to Cover Lesbian PenguinsAmber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel are back!
  45. amber alert
    Amber Ruffin Has a New Seth Meyers–Produced Comedy in the WorksSay what!
  46. last night on late night
    D’Arcy Carden Lost Her Mind Prepping for Her Standout Good Place EpisodeHer very special Janet episode came at a great cost.
  47. last night on late night
    It Turns Out Gingerbread Does Have a GenderHear us out.
  48. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Slams Networks for Allowing Trump to ‘Repeat His Lies’“If he insists on speaking in prime time, make him do it as a contestant on The Masked Singer.”
  49. best of 2018
    The 10 Biggest Late-Night Sagas of 2018From Kanye to Feckless Cuntgate and everything in between.
  50. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Believes Trump Knows the End is NearTrump’s Carson is nothing without Cohen’s McMahon.
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