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Sex And The City 2

  1. a defense
    Billy Eichner Defends Sex and the City 2 to SJP“You can’t believe they’d go to the Middle East, but you believe in effing Chewbacca?”
  2. unkudos
    Last Airbender, SATC 2, Twilight Among Razzie Nominees’The Bounty Hunter’ is also among the dishonored.
  3. the internet provides
    Why Not Read an Interview With Damon Lindelof About Sex and the City 2?“They’re very, very thirsty. So we get the oasis montage. ‘What is each lady hallucinating?’ One of them sees a giant cosmo martini glass, for instance.”
  4. clickables
    Read the Inception-Style Plot Chart for Sex and the City 2Not a lot of teachable moments for women.
  5. movies
    Streep, Bullock, and Winfrey Board Home-Shopping ComedyToo many stars!
  6. party chat
    Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex and the City Franchise Maybe Not Dead After All“I would say that you never know what will happen with that particular franchise.”
  7. cheek by jowl
    Are Grown Ups and SATC 2 the Same Movie?So many similarities, so few laughs.
  8. weekend box office
    Katherine Heigl Loses to Jonah Hill at the Weekend Box OfficeBut they both lost to an ogre.
  9. sex and the pity
    Physicians Are Also Offended by Sex and the City 2“Most doctors that I know would do everything possible to avoid use of hormone replacement therapy in a woman with a past history of breast cancer.”
  10. movies
    Nussbaum: Now, In Defense of Sex and the City 2A point-by-point rebuttal of the collective critical trashing of Sex and the City 2.
  11. sex and the pity
    Debate: What Went Wrong with Sex and the City 2?And is Samantha “grotesque”?
  12. weekend box office
    Sex and Persia Vanquished by Shrek’Sex and the City 2”s performance not as strong as first film’s.
  13. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Sex and the City 2 Not As Good As Jay-Z“[’Sex and the City 2’] lacks the insightful love-hate ambivalence that emerges so crucially when Jay-Z’s hip-hop cynicism contrasts Keys’ soaring, unstoppable aspiration.”
  14. box office
    Sex and the City 2 Poised to Earn More Than First FilmMovie earns about $3 million in midnight showings.
  15. sex and the city 2
    Nice Try, Sky News Reporter Trying to Make Sex and the City 2 Sound Racist“Scenes in which the Manhattan socialites encounter misogynist attitudes from Middle Eastern men and make jokes about women wearing the niqab — a Muslim face veil — when they take a road trip in Abu Dhabi, have caused quite a stir among film critics.”
  16. sex and the city 2
    A Video History of Samantha’s SATC OglingAnd their accompanying horrible sex puns.
  17. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Sarah Jessica Parker Has an Average HusbandPlus, Kim Cattrall explains to Jimmy Fallon how New York City made her into a normal person, on our regular late-night roundup.
  18. party lines
    SJP at the Sex and the City 2 PremierePlus: Alice Eve, Kristin Davis, Gabourey Sidibe …
  19. movies
    Watch Sex and the City 2 in 60 SecondsDirty, revolting shoetinis for all.
  20. in the magazine
    Edelstein on Sex and the City 2: An ‘Epic Eyesore’“It begins with the nightmarish manic gaiety of ‘Mamma Mia!,’ with strenuous lockjawed smiles that make you think you’re watching stroke victims.”
  21. music
    Hear Liza Minnelli Cover ‘Single Ladies’Oh, wow.
  22. product placement
    Carrie Bradshaw’s Mac Gets Replaced in Sex and the City 2Traded in for a HP.
  23. movies
    See Nine Sex and the City 2 ClipsOMG, ladies wearing clothes and traveling!
  24. movies
    Entertainment Weekly Suffers Major Sex and the City 2 Photoshop DisasterCynthia Nixon’s head! Unbelievable.
  25. music
    Alicia Keys Updates Blondie for the Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack“I’m so Carrie and my man’s so big.”
  26. sex and the city 2
    Sex 2 Sells, Even Six Weeks Before Its ReleaseOnline advance ticket sales are reportedly “brisk.”
  27. movies
    The New Sex and the City 2 Trailer by the NumbersCounting the atrocities.
  28. the industry
    Ricky Gervais to Play a Fat, Sweaty Loser (His Words, Not Ours!)Plus: MTV! Poker! Art thieves!
  29. movies
    Sex And The City 2 Gets a Release DateDudes, you have thirteen months to start making alternate plans.