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Sex Education Season 2

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    Sex Education Season-Finale Recap: The Play’s the ThingSeason two peters out in a steady stream of Characters Talking About Their Feelings, but at least we finally get to see Romeo and Juliet: The Musical.
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    Sex Education Recap: Yes All MenMaeve, Ola, Lily, Viv, and Olivia discover their one common bond with Aimee, who finally gets a chance to express her inner rage.
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    Sex Education Recap: Time to PartyOtis hosts a “gathering” that everyone involved will never forget — for all the wrong reasons.
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    Sex Education Recap: A Bad TripPerhaps the most Ola-centric episode to date also spends some quality time showing how many of our favorite characters are spending a quiet Saturday.
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    Sex Education Recap: Not Quite All the WayAt the halfway point, this season is taking shape as that most classic of narratives, a love triangle — and a pretty conventional one at that.
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    Sex Education Recap: Do Not Pass GoNow that Jean has truly embedded herself in the school, the conflict between her an Otis can play out on multiple fronts.
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    Sex Education Recap: Orange You Glad You Asked?One of Jean’s three key tools for good sex, talking plays a major role in several characters’ fates this episode.
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    Sex Education Season Premiere Recap: Brie Is the Sexiest CheeseWe meet back up with the horniest teens on Netflix in a strong premiere that sets up plenty of drama for the rest of the season.