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  1. bachelor nation
    A Running Tally of All the Requisite Virgin Jokes During The Bachelor’s Premiere“I haven’t dated a virgin since I was 12, but I’m willing to give it another shot.”
  2. last night on late night
    The Real Star of Emma Stone’s Favourite Fingering Scene Was a ‘Big, Wet Sponge’Get that sponge in SAG-AFTRA!
  3. the literati
    The 9 Worst Phrases From the Bad Sex Awards 2018 Short List“Slowly chugging my organ as a boa constrictor swallows its prey.”
  4. vulture lists
    Every Outlander Sex Scene, RankedBased on a highly sophisticated formula.
  5. trailer mix
    Please Watch the Trailer for Sexy, Murder-y Fairy-Tale Drama Tell Me a StoryIf Kim Cattrall tries to give you a red riding hood, you take the red riding hood!
  6. the criterion collection
    Steven Soderbergh: Those Bad ’90s Movies Were Necessary for My Development“In my mind, this was all part of the process that I had to go through.”
  7. ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ Updated For Adult Women Who […] Are you there god? It’s me, Margaret. I go by Mags now. Last time we chatted, I had just gotten my period. A lot has happened since. I’m 26 […]
  8. sex
    Doug Jones Isn’t Too Thrilled About Shape of Water Dildo You Keep Bringing Up“The last thing I want to be remembered for is a silicone appendage that comes in two sizes.”
  9. music videos
    Justin Timberlake Would Like You to Know He’s a Generous LoverThe “Supplies” video seems to be about having woke sex during the apocalypse.
  10. interspecies sex
    The Shape of Water Is About a Woman Who Falls for a Fish-Man. Do They Have Sex?An answer to your deepest, darkest question.
  11. tmi
    Cardi B Is That One Friend Who Tells You Way Too Much About Her Sex Life“But I wasn’t going to get dick on my birthday anyway, because I got my period.”
  12. scrub a dub dub
    A Few Questions About That Ridiculous Riverdale Shower Sex SceneWho wears a pearl necklace and bracelet in the shower?
  13. Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams Have Incredible Sex In DisobedienceIn which one Rachel spits in the other’s mouth.
  14. Sex and Politics With the Cast of Archer▶️“I think Pam would have been out there in the world campaigning for Hillary … but mainly because she wanted to bone her.”
  15. good sex
    Outlander’s Claire and Jamie Will Still Have Smokin’ Hot Sex 20 Years LaterWith age comes wisdom and the undiminished capacity for a very compelling sex scene.
  16. This ‘We’re Trying’ Sketch is a Lesson in HeighteningBy the end of We’re Trying, I was laughing out loud, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the jokes were just funny. Throughout. This […]
  17. Electrical Appliances I Would Make Sweet Love To, If Required, by Sarah […] A dishwasher. I don’t have a dishwasher of my own, mind you, but I would crawl into someone else’s and ride it straight to Pound Town, given […]
  18. The Dominatrix Dungeon Intern Gets Disciplined, by Bizzy Coy Tascha, can I speak with you for a moment? As you know, everyone here at Lady Havoc’s House of Pain is glad you decided to intern with us […]
  19. sex
    Jane the Virgin’s Jane Is Going to Have Sex“It’s in the first half of the season, and it’s quite a big episode for us.”
  20. An Excerpt from ‘The Drama Sutra,’ by Paige WeldonHere’s a look at The Drama Sutra, a new zine out this week from The Devastator, written and illustrated by comedian, Reductress contributor, […]
  21. The Best Web Video of 2016 (So Far)Once my roommate, Doug, asked me if I’d seen this video, I knew it was too late for me to spin as a brilliant little nugget I discovered. […]
  22. Bits on the Fun Bits: Inside an All-Female, Sex-Positive Comedy ShowSex sells. It’s an old advertising mantra frequently used to criticize lascivious billboards or to dismissively explain the success of […]
  23. art
    Why Do We Like Having Sex With Artists?They are insane egomaniacs who aren’t always very good-looking — so what’s the appeal?
  24. excerpt
    Joe Perry’s Sexual Awakening With Laugh-in’s Judy CarneThe ‘70s were a crazy time.
  25. sex
    Let’s Discuss the Crazy Sex Scene in 300: Rise of an EmpireEva Green is serving vintage Angelina Jolie here.
  26. wrist management
    The TV Hand Job Hall of FameThis is the sound of one hand clapping.
  27. how you doin'
    How Much Sex Was Everyone Having on Friends?We were on a break.
  28. james bond
    Read a ‘Nymphographic’ Detailing James Bond’s Sexual ConquestsSuffice it to say, dude is knee-deep.
  29. Watch ‘Couch Boners,’ a Video About Men on Couches With Boners [NSFW]“Boner” fide fun!
  30. ice cream
    The Good Wife Showrunners Explain Their Sex DriveIt’s time to talk about Kalinda and her soft-serve.
  31. call me maybe
    Watch a Sex Slave ‘Call Me Maybe’ CoverSummer may be over, but sex slaves never go out of fashion!
  32. sex
    Lars Von Trier to Use ‘Visual Effects’ for Nymphomaniac Sex ScenesBrace yourself, Shia.
  33. game of thrones
    Watch Sexy Game of Thrones Role-playing Gone AwryMaybe the “Kill Your Television” people are onto something …
  34. sex house
    Watch ‘Sex House,’ a Reality-Show Spoof From The Onion“Meeting new people is always a wonderful treasure.”
  35. viral videos
    Watch a 6-Year-Old Rap About ‘Booty Popping’Kids pop the darndest booties, yada yada yada.
  36. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Last Season’s Most Awkward Sex Scenes on TVAnd the award goes to: Girls! For every sex scene!
  37. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of Sexual Innuendo in CartoonsBugs Bunny, you cad!
  38. sex
    Watch a Supercut of Orgasms Onscreen (Set to Dubstep, for Some Reason)There’s the Meg Ryan we loved so much!
  39. brian mcknight
    Listen to Brian McKnight’s Super-Dirty New Song in Full, ‘iFUrReady2Learn’We couldn’t be more excited about this song ( … not excited like that — gross, guys).
  40. brian mcknight
    Watch Brian McKnight Preview His Mixtape For Adults (NSFW)A lifetime of R&B will do that to you.
  41. sexy time
    The Client List’s Weirdly Wholesome Hand JobsWhen did sex get so unsexy?
  42. zac efron
    See Zac Efron Drop a CondomWell, in his defense, is there anywhere in the world sexier than a movie premiere for a children’s movie?
  43. sex
    Ke$ha Claims She’s a ‘Praying Mantis’We get it, Ke$ha.
  44. sex
    Watch a Dude Get Turned On by a Clarinet in Some Weird, Old Italian Sex Comedy Called The Sex MachineNSFW if you really like Mozart.
  45. jeopardy!
    See a Jeopardy! Contestant Reference a Taboo Sex ActAlex Trebek, you scallywag, you!
  46. viral videos
    Learn About the Cultural Phenomenon That Is ‘a Huge Group of Girls’“Somebody talk to Teresa! She’s someone’s cousin, I think?” —Girls, apparently?
  47. sex
    See a Saucy Pair of T-Shirts Your Parents Should Never Have OwnedNote to moms everywhere: please don’t use “I’ve” and “satisfied” in a sentence together, no less on a T-shirt.
  48. family feud
    Watch Some Inexplicably Awkward Footage From Family FeudSteve Harvey put it best: “None of this is making sense to me.”
  49. whoopi goldberg
    Watch Whoopi Goldberg Get Really Angry About Pubic HairShe made the audience really uncomfortable.
  50. sex
    See a Map of Penis Sizes Across EuropeLet’s all visit France! … For the croissants! Yeah, that’s it. The croissants!
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