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Shakespeare In Love

  1. statements
    Harvey Weinstein Reemerges to Fuss About Gwyneth’s Shakespeare in Love AnecdoteIs he just at home reading the trades?
  2. if we had a vows column
    Guess Which Gwyneth Paltrow Movie Her New Husband Referenced in His Wedding VowsGo on, guess.
  3. sexy shakespeare
    Who Is the Sexiest Shakespeare? An InvestigationIs Joseph Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love the hottest Bard?
  4. fatherly advice
    Gwyneth Paltrow’s Dad Said She Was an ‘Asshole’“I think I was very much believing my own hype, which how could you not?”
  5. theater
    Shakespeare in Love Likely Headed to the StageA play of a movie about a play.
  6. video
    From Jane Eyre to Grey’s Anatomy: A History of Surprise Cinematic SpousesA roundup of the best “Surprise, I’m married!” movie and TV reveals, honoring great achievements in husband and wife concealment.
  7. reboots
    Shakespeare in Love 2, Coming SoonMiramax and the Weinsteins are teaming up to put out sequels to Miramax’s greatest hits. Get ready for ‘Rounders 2’!
  8. the industry
    Miramax Now Has a CEOIt’s former News Corp. exec Mike Lang.