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  1. casting call
    Say Hello to His Little Blank Verse: Al Pacino Is Finally Playing King LearLet’s descend into madness together.
  2. tv
    Margot Robbie Is Producing a Female-Led Shakespeare SeriesFinally the Lady MacBeths of the world get their due.
  3. Phoebe Robinson’s 10 Favorite BooksRoxane Gay, Zora Neale Hurston, and more
  4. the industry
    Riz Ahmed Developing Modern-Day Hamlet With NetflixThe upcoming Shakespeare adaptation will be set in modern-day London.
  5. theater review
    Theater Review: ERS’s Measure for Measure Plays a Losing GameA technical gimmick that undermines the material instead of enhancing it.
  6. theater reviews
    Theater Review: An Ultra-Male, Female-Directed Clockwork OrangePlus two more productions that look at “otherness.”
  7. movie review
    Review: In the Torrid Lady Macbeth, Oppression Flows in All DirectionsIt eats into the mind with its vision of evil as a contagion that transforms victims into oppressors.
  8. Carrie Preston’s 10 Favorite BooksThe books The Good Fight star would take to a desert island.
  9. Watch a Reading of Steve Bannon’s Shakespearean Screenplay About the L.A. RiotsThe script combines Coriolanus and very loose interpretation of slang.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Go Full Creep While Playing Richard IIIAs part of The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses.
  11. roll clip!
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Go Full Creep While Playing Richard IIIAs part of The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses.
  12. renaissance men
    Shakespeare Edition Lists Marlowe As Co-Author An upcoming New Oxford Shakespeare edition adds legitimacy to a long-held theory.
  13. choose your own adventure
    How a Comics Writer ‘Fixed’ Romeo and JulietHis choose-your-own-path version of Shakespeare’s play is as hilarious as it is gratifying.
  14. horror
    Lifetime to Develop Shakespeare Horror AnthologyA comedy of terrors.
  15. Inside ‘Moonlighting’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’s Tributes to Shakespeare ‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a […]
  16. where be your gibs now?
    Who Stole Shakespeare’s Skull? Alas, Poor William! We didn’t really know you very well.
  17. david edelstein
    Theater on the Big Screen: Christopher Plummer’s The Tempest Is a CharmerA performance of the Shakespeare classic will screen tonight in more than 500 theaters across the U.S.
  18. shakespeare
    Paul Giamatti to Play Hamlet in Yale ProductionThe Yale alumnus is going back to campus.
  19. theater
    Alan Cumming Will Perform a One-Man MacbethAmbitious! How fitting for Macbeth.
  20. clickables
    Learn to Insult People Like ShakespeareThou saucy motley-minded strumpet!
  21. clickables
    Meet the New York City Subway Shakespeare CompanyThey’re called Popeye & Cloudy.
  22. stage dive
    Shakespeare at the Movies, in Union SquareTonight and tomorrow!
  23. clickables
    Watch a Guy Recite Shakespeare With 25 Different Celebrity ImpressionsHe’s like an Elizabethan Kevin Spacey.
  24. stage dive
    A Summer of Impressively Tough GalsStill hurting for some untrammeled femme-dom energy, even after getting worked over by Tyne Daly in ‘Master Class’? Well, unwrap your hard candies now.
  25. olds
    Older Person Gets a Book DealFor a trilogy about Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.
  26. much ado about something
    2012 Director Does a Shakespeare Movie?Though, still kind of strange.
  27. books
    What If Othello’s Desdemona Had a Sassy Gay Friend?Sassy Gay Friend saves another Shakespearean lady from suuuper-tragic death.
  28. chat room
    Stephen Dillane Has Doubts About Shakespeare“But we want to make a living, so one is always compromised.”
  29. heroes
    F. Murray Abraham Thwarts Robbery at Play RehearsalPolice are looking for a man with a hole in his face the size of Abraham’s fist.
  30. the industry
    Gerard Butler Brings Shakespeare Into the NowPlus: Helen Mirren! The Berenstain Bears! Kirstie Alley!
  31. awesome
    Cavemen Star to Slum It in Shakespeare PlayJulie White has joined the cast of the Public Theater’s production of ‘Twelfth Night.’
  32. New Shakespeare Dropping SoonA British academic claims he’s discovered six previously unrecognized works by Shakespeare, including a poem, a sonnet, a comedy, and two tragedies.
  33. news reel
    Nicholas Sparks on How ‘The Notebook’ Is Basically Like Shakespeare’You had Hemingway write ‘A Farewell to Arms,’ the movies of the forties, Shakespeare, and that’s the genre I work in,’
  34. news reel
    Shakespeare in the Park Plagued by Bad Weather, RaccoonsOne of the great thrills of live outdoor theater is knowing you could be attacked by a raccoon at any minute.
  35. beef
    Verdi-vs.-Shakespeare Beef Not As Hard-core As We HopedDon’t miss Verdi’s deathless aria, “O, Shakespeare, cacasenno, vi daro dei calci nei vostri antichi.”
  36. the industry
    Breaking: DriveShaft Bassist Joins the X-Men!Plus industry news on Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Coldplay.
  37. news reel
    Lou Reed Knows the ‘Sound and Fury’ Speech From ‘Macbeth’ by Heart“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, / Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, / To the last syllable of recorded time; / And all our yesterdays have lighted fools / The way to dusty death,” said Lou Reed.
  38. the take
    Title of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘As You Like It’ Adaptation Possibly MisleadingWe’re not going to belittle the actor-director’s new big screen adaptation of As You Like It — little as we liked it.
  39. the industry
    All the Stars Not in ‘Young Frankenstein’ Are in ‘Cymbeline’Plus industry news on Rosario Dawson, Ice Cube, and Dirty Dancing, the musical.
  40. the industry
    Prince to Give It Away in the U.K.Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, will be given away for free in British newspapers this summer, angering British music retailers, who had hoped to sell the album in exchange for British money, which is called “pounds” instead of “dollars.”
  41. the industry
    Without Breasts There Is No Television