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  1. the vulture transcript
    Steve McQueen Won’t Look AwayThe Widows director on male sexuality, New Queer Cinema, and his unflinching gaze.
  2. shame
    Angry Bachelor Fans Paid for 16 Anti-Arie Billboards in Two StatesLook for signs that say “Arie… Not okay. Just leave” in Minnesota and Southern California.
  3. imports
    Norwegian Hit Skam Gets American AdaptationThe show has an engrossing real-time format.
  4. shame
    Game of Thrones Is TV’s Most Pirated Show for the 4th Year in a RowShame! Shame! Shame!
  5. shame
    See a Banned Poster for ShameHungary to Michael Fassbender: “All right, we get it.”
  6. vulture critics poll
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2011?Our annual survey of top critics reveals a first in awfulness: This year the same actor nabs the top two spots!
  7. See a Clever Newsweekly Ad for ShameIt makes sense that this Michael Fassbender sex addiction drama would advertise in the sleazy back pages.
  8. chat room
    Shame Director Steve McQueen on Sex Addiction in New York City and Michael Fassbender’s Full-Frontal Nudity“It’s not titillating. It’s not exoticized. It’s just a guy having a piss and a glass of water and going to have a shower.”
  9. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Breaking Dawn Wins a Lackluster WeekendAnd despite good word of mouth, Hugo drops off.
  10. movie review
    Movie Reviews: On Shame and A Dangerous Method, the Michael Fassbender Double FeatureCompared to the trendy despair of Shame, A Dangerous Method is a road map to happiness, chock-full of tips on how to reconcile our disparate impulses.
  11. How Gratuitous Is Michael Fassbender’s Nudity in Shame?We’ve supplied compelling justifications for all instances of nudity in the NC-17 film.
  12. making the sausage
    Polone: How Shame Gives Me Hope That Good Movies Can Be MadeThis daring film does four things that 99 percent of all other movies are afraid to do.
  13. Watch Michael Fassbender Get ‘Filthy’ in an Exclusive Clip From ShameTotally safe for work, though.
  14. Watch the Red Band Trailer for ShameIn which Michael Fassbender’s subway cruising is interrupted by some near-subliminal sexual carousing.
  15. Carey Mulligan on Evading Arrest and the Tattoo That Won Her Shame“I have got horribly drunk before. I have cried on the phone to a boyfriend before.”
  16. Watch Michael Fassbender Attempt to ID Other Frontally Nude Actors“Oh, that’s Viggo Mortensen.”
  17. Michael Fassbender on Simulating Sex in Shame and A Dangerous Method“I’m gonna bring out a DVD, and it’ll be my version of Michael Caine’s acting DVD. ‘Michael Fassbender teaches you how to simulate sex!’”
  18. blue movies
    Teens Will Be Prevented From Experiencing ShameThat’s what the MPAA says, anyway.
  19. trailer mix
    Shame Trailer: Michael Fassbender Is Sorry He’s So HandsomeHis full-frontal movie is here!
  20. the star market
    The Star Market: Does Michael Fassbender Have the X Factor to Become a Superstar?How much does Hollywood love the ‘X-Men’ actor? “I couldn’t be prouder to be the same [species] as that guy, let alone work in the same profession,” says one agent.
  21. sex appeal
    Michael Fassbender Inspiring Arousal in New Yorkers, Horses“Every time Michael hopped on the horse, it got a huge erection.”
  22. casting
    Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender Will Have ShameThey’ll play siblings, one of whom is having too much sex.
  23. shame
    Filmmakers Explain Decision to Make Fred Movie to Times“If you’re an adult, you’re a little put off at first — what is this?”