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    Grammy Committee Bends Over Backward to Appease Lady GagaThey are reportedly considering changing their Best New Artist eligibility rules so Gaga would have a shot at winning the award this year.
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    Does Cheaters Cheat?Yes, says Inside Edition.
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    Did the Italians Blow $4.2 Million on a Fake Michelangelo Crucifix?Quite possibly.
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    Joaquin Phoenix’s Fake Brawl Gets a New, Uncensored Release on YouTubeJoaquin sings without the benefit of bleeps … how will it turn out?
  5. shams
    Joaquin Phoenix ‘Heckler Brawl’ Downgraded to ‘Staged Hug’“It was a fake fight … Nobody threw a punch. They were just holding onto each other.”
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    Once Couple Breaks It OffThey should have to give the Oscar back.