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Shane Carruth

  1. the industy
    Radcliffe, Hathaway, Keanu Join New Carruth FilmThe Carruth is on fire.
  2. across the streaming-verse
    The Best of Streaming: What Should You Watch on Netflix, Hulu, and Other SitesA biopic starring Iron Man himself, and a Japanese crime thriller.
  3. stop biting
    Hands Brushing Against Wheat, or the Many Mimics of Terrence MalickAs other filmmakers borrow from Malick, has the director devolved into self-parody?
  4. influences
    Shane Carruth Explains His Cultural InfluencesFrom Fatal Attraction to Borderliners, the movies, books, video games, and grocery stores that inspire Carruth.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Upstream ColorThe second film from the director of Sundance time-traveling hit Primer is a real mind-twister.
  6. fails
    How Soderbergh Failed to Get Carruth’s Film MadeEven Steven Spielberg couldn’t help.
  7. trailer park
    Watch the Trailer for Shane Carruth’s Next FilmThe much-anticipated second offering from the director of Primer.