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Shannon Purser

  1. conspiracy theories
    Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale?A very serious theory.
  2. movies
    How Sierra Burgess Is a Loser Captured the ‘Giddy Immediacy’ of Texting“I wanted the experience of watching Shannon text Noah feel as visceral and real as possible.”
  3. trailer mix
    Shannon Purser Is Running a Scam in the Trailer for Sierra Burgess Is a LoserIt’s like The Truth About Cats and Dogs, but with texting instead of a radio show.
  4. stranger things 2
    Did Stranger Things Finally Get Justice for Barb?Barb plays a surprisingly important role in Stranger Things 2.
  5. emmys 2017
    For Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser, Her Emmy Nomination Gives Barb ‘Closure’“It’ll be interesting to see how long Barb is really the icon that she is right now.”
  6. mazel to barb
    Shannon Purser, a.k.a. Barb From Stranger Things, Comes Out As BisexualPurser had gotten into a Twitter discussion about queerbaiting.
  7. casting couch
    Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser Is Heading to NBC for a High-School SeriesJustice served!
  8. On Riverdale, Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser Gets the Justice She Deserves#JusticeforEthel is the new #JusticeforBarb.
  9. casting couch
    Shannon Purser Joins CW’s RiverdaleViva la Barb.
  10. casting
    Who Is This ‘Squirrel Girl’ That Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser Want to Play?She’s a minor Marvel character enjoying new fame.
  11. a casting couch of one's own
    Shannon Purser From Stranger Things Wants to Play Marvel’s Squirrel GirlMay the best Squirrel Girl win.
  12. we are all barb
    Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser on Playing Barb“The idea that somebody might have painted my face on a wall is totally crazy and surreal for me.”
  13. odes
    In Praise of Barb, the Best Character on Stranger ThingsShe is obviously the first person to put the words “norm” and “core” together.