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Shark Week

  1. How Realistic Are Shark Attacks in Movies?You’ll never go in the water again …
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    Stormy Daniels Says Her and Trump’s Alone Time Included Watching ‘Shark Week’The kings of the sea.
  3. live every week like it's shark week
    Michael Phelps, a Human, Finally Raced Against a Great White SharkYou can probably guess who won.
  4. This Year’s Shark Week Pits Michael Phelps Against a Great White SharkDeciding once and for all who holds dominion over the sea.
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    Tracy Morgan’s New Netflix Stand-up Special Is About ‘Staying Alive’The special comes out May 16.
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    Check Out the Epic Shark Tank Tracy Morgan Had Installed in His BasementAn “aquarium of death,” if you will.
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    Seitz on Discovery’s Shark Week: Schizoid and IrresistibleHas there ever been a more effective merger of science and sensationalism?
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    Watch Andy Samberg’s First Official Interview As Shark Week CSO(Chief Shark Officer, clearly.)
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    Watch Andy Samberg’s First Shark Week PromoThe sharks are jamming out to Lady Gaga
  10. Andy Samberg to Hang Out in Shark CitySo what are Andy Samberg’s duties as Discovery’s new Chief Shark Officer? He’s going to “go diving in the Bahamas with a group of sharks that […]
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    Happy Shark Week: Actual Shark Crawls Onto Jersey ShoreDear New Jersey, happy Shark Week. Love, a real shark.
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    See the Top Ten Shark-Attack VideosNot for the squeamish. Seriously.
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    Shark Week Teaches Us How to Survive an AttackRead this post in case you’re planning on fishing alone in tropical waters near a lot of hungry sharks. It could save your life!
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    In Honor of Shark Week, Go Shark YourselfTurn yourself into an unrecognizable creature of the deep, as we have done.
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    Discovery Health Wants You to Treat Every Week Like It’s Baby WeekBabies are scary, too!
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    Discovery Channel Promo Department Is Not Messing AroundJames Hibberd received this delightful pair of bloody shorts in the mail yesterday from the Discovery Channel, apparently promoting Shark Week.
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    Shark Week Lies!No matter what the Discovery Channel says, sharks would, indeed, like to kill and eat you.