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  1. trailer mix
    Usher In the End of an Era With The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time Trailer“Based on the incredible true story.”
  2. How Realistic Are Shark Attacks in Movies?You’ll never go in the water again …
  3. Sharknado Saga to End Where It Began Thanks to Time-Traveling 6th MovieThe last movie will be like a history lesson starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Noah’s ark, Nazis, dinosaurs, and a lot of hungry sharks.
  4. what could have been
    Of Course Donald Trump Almost Played the President in Sharknado 3He reportedly threatened to “shut the entire show down” after they replaced him with Mark Cuban.
  5. art du jour
    Your GIF Guide to the Most WTF Moments in the Sharknado 5 TrailerFifth time’s the charm?
  6. SyFy Announces Sharknado Week Leading Up to Sharknado 5: Global Swarming*Chef’s kiss, but your hand is being devoured by a shark.*
  7. elvis conspiracies
    The Sharknado Team Is Making an Elvis Movie“We intend to do for the life of Elvis Presley what Sharknado did for flying sharks.”
  8. sequels forever
    Yes, There Will Be a Sharknado 4And you (kind of) get to decide what happens in it, so get thee to a Twitter ASAP!
  9. review
    It’s Time to Rethink How We Talk About SharknadoYes, really.
  10. trailer mix
    The Sharknado 3 Trailer Gets Political, Sort OfBut does Vice-President Ann Coulter get eaten?
  11. tv ratings
    Sharknado 2 Ratings Jump 3.9 Million Shark FansThat’s a lot of viewers.
  12. you can't make this stuff up
    Here Is the Absolute Stupidest Moment in Sharknado 2: The Second OneTara Reid “signing” a “book.”
  13. jump the snark
    Why Syfy Wins No Matter How Sharknado 2 Does in the RatingsThe network is living every week like it’s Sharknado 2 week.
  14. vulture tv awards
    Vulture TV Awards: Best Batshit TVA star of Sharknado 2 on the joys of Sharknado.
  15. cannes film festival 2014
    Cannes: Have We Found the Next Sharknado?Let’s look at posters for the weirdest movies touted at the fest.
  16. camp
    Sharknado Will Be a TrilogyThere’s a third one in the works.
  17. year in culture 2013
    The Year in Entertainment Lightning Rods: Scandals, Stories, Beefs, and TwerkingMiley, Kanye, Candy Crush, Girls’ Patrick Wilson episode: These are the things that got people all wound up in 2013.
  18. your tv ratings explained
    Summer TV: 10 Big Winners (and 5 Unfortunate Losers)Yay, Devious Maids and Pretty Little Liars. Aw, So You Think You Can Dance.
  19. ratings
    Sharknado’s Ratings Growing With Every Repeat ScreeningInteresting.
  20. big screens
    Sharknado Now Coming to TheatersCongratulations, Tara Reid.
  21. sequels
    A Second Sharknado Is Coming Next YearAnd you can name it.
  22. party chat
    Vulture Tells Sigourney Weaver About Sharknado and She Is Not Impressed“It sounds like a crazy movie. People are out of their mind.”
  23. Sharknado: Syfy’s Strategy: Amazing Titles Only“We would never do just a straight tornado movie.”
  24. tv ratings
    Sharknado Was Not a Ratings Smash, But It Still Won AnywayNielsen ratings aren’t the only metric that matter anymore.
  25. syfy gifcaps
    Syfy’s Sharknado in Five GIFsThere were sharks in a tornado, FYI.
  26. its a shark tornado
    Matt Zoller Seitz on SharknadoFeeding frenzy. That’s the phrase that best describes the social media response to Sharknado.
  27. livetweeting
    Mia Farrow and Philip Roth Did Not Watch SharknadoIt was a Twitter joke. Jokes!
  28. a tornado full of sharks
    The Best Moments From the Trailer for SharknadoYou see, it’s a tornado full of sharks …