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  1. sharks!
    Frankly, How Dare This Shark Ruin Mariah Carey’s Yacht VacationMimi is upset.
  2. trailer mix
    Usher In the End of an Era With The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time Trailer“Based on the incredible true story.”
  3. shark movies
    Who’s on Top of the Movie-Shark Food Chain?In honor of The Meg, we’ve ranked the most lethal onscreen sharks.
  4. movie review
    The Meg Is Neither Dumb Nor Smart Enough to Be Any FunThey shoot giant sharks, don’t they?
  5. trailer mix
    Jason Statham’s The Meg Trailer: A Bigger Boat Won’t Save You NowWe’re just going to say it: that shark is too large.
  6. sharks!
    Stormy Daniels Says Her and Trump’s Alone Time Included Watching ‘Shark Week’The kings of the sea.
  7. sharks
    The 47 Meters Down Sequel Will Be 2.128 Percent More IntenseIt will combine “the claustrophobia of cave diving and the thrill of shark encounters and move everything to the next level.”
  8. sequels forever
    Sharknado 5 Is Headed to Syfy in a Very Quick and Circular MotionThe film will shoot across five countries.
  9. Here’s Why You Don’t See the Shark in Jaws for So LongDon’t underestimate the power of suggestion. 
  10. casting couch
    Jessica McNamee and Jason Statham to Star As Humans in Shark Thriller MegA movie of deep-sea terror.
  11. trailer mix
    New The Shallows Trailer: Blake Lively vs. JawsLooks like you’re gonna need a bigger rock. 
  12. sharks
    Eli Roth Might Be Directing a Massive Shark Movie Called MegSet in China.
  13. the late late show with no one
    John Mayer Interviewed the Super Bowl SharksHmm.
  14. a tornado full of sharks
    The Best Moments From the Trailer for SharknadoYou see, it’s a tornado full of sharks …
  15. Watch Tracy Morgan Get His Ninth Exotic Fish Tank Last week, Tracy Morgan told David Letterman about his shark tank and the photo alone seemed completely nuts. Of course, because it’s Tracy, […]
  16. tracy morgan
    Check Out the Epic Shark Tank Tracy Morgan Had Installed in His BasementAn “aquarium of death,” if you will.
  17. Tracy Morgan Talks Sharks; Makes Great TV Sometimes Tracy Morgan just is indistinguishable from Tracy Jordan. He has a Jaws themed shark tank for his son Tracy Jr.? Come on! I know […]
  18. sharks
    Watch a Mash-Up of Onscreen Shark AttacksNever forget Sharktopus!
  19. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz on Discovery’s Shark Week: Schizoid and IrresistibleHas there ever been a more effective merger of science and sensationalism?
  20. party chat
    January Jones Says Fat Betty Will ReturnAnd she will still be fat.
  21. clickables
    Meet, Fear For the Shark WhispererShe is both gifted and nuts.
  22. mad men
    January Jones, Shark LoverBetty Draper writes an op-ed.
  23. movies
    Surfer Responds to Great White Sharks by Holding Video Camera in WaterThe video ends when one of them “slap[s] his tail on my board.”
  24. tv
    Happy Shark Week: Actual Shark Crawls Onto Jersey ShoreDear New Jersey, happy Shark Week. Love, a real shark.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Shark Week Lies!No matter what the Discovery Channel says, sharks would, indeed, like to kill and eat you.
  26. strike zone
    Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia: When Will My Show Be Back?Constantly updated reports on which of your favorite shows will return this spring, this fall, in 2009, or (gulp) never.