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Sharon Waxman

  1. beef
    Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman Hold Firm in New York Times PieceNot surprisingly, they emphatically disagree.
  2. nikki finke
    Nikki Finke Offered House to Edit Hollywood Reporter for Five Minutes, Reports Nikki Finke“A $1 million Malibu home which, I was told, ‘you can keep whether you stay 5 minutes or 5 years’ in the job.”
  3. paydays
    Nikki Finke Breaks the BankNikki says she “received the equivalent of the GNP of a small country” in the sale.
  4. fact-checking
    The Wrap Gets DupedWe can’t wait to see what Nikki Finke is going to say about this.
  5. beef
    Hollywood Blog Wars Continue to EscalateBut is the whole thing just a tempest in a teapot?