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  1. backstories
    How Sharp Objects’ Makeup Team Mastered the Art of Being Poisoned to Death“Are her nails starting to turn blue or yellow? Should her feet be dirty?”
  2. it's not tv it's hbo
    Is Sharp Objects Going to Pull a Big Little Lies on HBO?The show’s creator, Marti Noxon, implied such a thing.
  3. best of 2018
    The 10 Best TV Scenes of 2018The year’s most memorable TV moments, from The Americans to Sharp Objects.
  4. best of 2018
    The 10 Best New TV Shows of 2018A wildly eclectic year of debuts, from Queer Eye to Sharp Objects.
  5. awards season
    The Favourite, Black Panther Lead Critics’ Choice Awards NominationsThe punchy period piece led the film slate with 14 noms.
  6. best of 2018
    Jen Chaney’s 10 Best TV Shows of 2018Including Soviet spies, telenovela twists, and a couple of foul-mouthed cartoons.
  7. best of 2018
    Matt Zoller Seitz’s 10 Best TV Shows of 2018Headlined by a defiant tragicomedy about rap, robbery, and Teddy Perkins.
  8. vulture lists
    The 11 Big Winners of Summer TVSharp Objects, Pose, Succession, Claws, and more.
  9. chat room
    Sharp Objects Writer Gillian Flynn on That ‘Gut-wrenching’ Finale Twist“We tried so many versions. There are so many different ways to do that ending.”
  10. close reads
    Sharp Objects Is Not Just Another Dead-Girl ShowThe HBO mini-series ends with a radical message about motherhood and female rage.
  11. overnights
    Sharp Objects Finale Recap: Don’t Tell Mama“Milk” is equal parts jarring and beguiling.
  12. whodunit
    Sharp Objects: The 4 Biggest Clues About the Killer’s IdentityWe should have known all along.
  13. chat room
    Jean-Marc Vallée on Why Sharp Objects Ended With a ShockAnd why he added that end-credits scene.
  14. tv review
    The Seductive Horror of Sharp ObjectsEvery episode left me feeling anxious and depressed, yet immediately eager for more.
  15. adaptations
    How Does the End of Sharp Objects Compare to the Book?The novel and the show soften the story in different places.
  16. close reads
    Sharp Objects Broke the Mystery BoxHidden messages were everywhere in Wind Gap, but they weren’t puzzles meant to be solved.
  17. close reads
    Let’s Talk About the Sharp Objects FinaleLike everything in this HBO miniseries, it forces us to look and listen very carefully.
  18. backstories
    How Sharp Objects Made Amma’s Creepy DollhouseThe show spent “six figures” building its crucial, labor-intensive prop.
  19. psa
    Watch Sharp Objects to the Very End, or Else You’ll Miss an End-Credits SceneA public-service announcement.
  20. theorizing
    Who Is the Sharp Objects Killer? The 6 Best Fan TheoriesWith one episode left, let’s look at the most prominent suspects.
  21. vulture lists
    All of the Hidden Words You Missed in Sharp ObjectsThey hide in plain sight, suddenly visible in one frame and gone in the next.
  22. chat room
    Elizabeth Perkins on Sharp Objects and Adora’s Shocking Secret“I don’t think it will ever be explained why Jackie has sat on this secret for as long as she has.”
  23. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: The Lost GirlsSome truths come to light as Camille makes a connection with a suspect in the series’ penultimate episode.
  24. vulture recommends
    7 Books to Read If You Love Sharp ObjectsIt’s easy to find a novel that a publisher claims is “like a cross between Gillian Flynn and …” but few live up to the hype. Here are seven that do.
  25. chat room
    Chris Messina on Sharp Objects, Getting Sweaty, and Joking With Amy Adams“I run hot. It was very warm.”
  26. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: Dead Girls EverywhereCamille and Amma share a night out with dark undercurrents.
  27. soundtracked
    How Sharp Objects Created Its Killer SoundtrackAnd why Led Zeppelin are “hugely important” to director Jean-Marc Vallée.
  28. close reads
    What Sharp Objects Understands About MemoryNobody goes about their days living only in the present moment.
  29. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: You’re Ruined“Closer” is a stunning episode about the lies Wind Gap tells itself.
  30. special effects
    Here’s How Sharp Objects Made All of Camille’s ScarsThe makeup-effects team spent hours applying more than 350 fake scars to Amy Adams’s body.
  31. The Home Stereo System From Sharp Objects Can Be Yours for More Than $112,000In case you need to play music in your creepy Victorian house.
  32. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: Devil ChildCamille and Richard grow closer, sort of, as she takes him on a tour through Wind Gap’s dark past.
  33. gripes
    Amy Adams in Sharp Objects Is the World’s Worst ReporterWhy isn’t she taking any notes?
  34. profiles
    Patricia Clarkson Is Terrifying in Sharp ObjectsThe 58-year-old actress has made a career out of playing dark, alluring characters.
  35. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: War of the Roses“Fix” supplies an answer to one part of the mystery surrounding Camille.
  36. close reads
    Led Zeppelin Is a Perfect Fit for Sharp ObjectsThe band’s history, sound, and lyrics reveal a lot about this dark, mysterious show.
  37. backstories
    How Sharp Objects Brought Wind Gap to LifeThe Missouri town isn’t a real place. Here’s how the HBO mini-series found such a perfect stand-in.
  38. chat room
    Sharp Objects Star Sophia Lillis on Playing a Young Amy Adams“I’m not really a redhead, but I keep playing these redhead actresses.”
  39. overnights
    Sharp Objects Recap: The Woman in White“Dirt” offers a clever twist on TV’s obsessions with dead girls as the series’ mystery deepens by touching on local folkore.
  40. gripes
    TV Dramas Are Too QuietIt’s not just Sharp Objects. Has extremely hushed dialogue become the new hallmark of serious TV?
  41. overnights
    Sharp Objects Premiere Recap: HomecomingThe first episode of Sharp Objects aims to leave a bruise.
  42. close reads
    Jean-Marc Vallée’s Evolution to Sharp Objects From Big Little LiesBig Little Lies was alluring, but Sharp Objects is intoxicating, thanks in large part to its direction and editing.
  43. it's not tv it's hbo
    Sharp Objects Will End All Episodes With Mental Health and Substance Abuse PSAsIt’s similar to what 13 Reasons Why did.
  44. books
    Sharp Objects Is the Ultimate Gillian Flynn NovelYears before the HBO show, Flynn’s debut thriller was ugly, gritty, weird, and creepy in the best possible way.
  45. tv review
    Sharp Objects Is So Much More Than a Small-Town Murder MysteryThe HBO mini-series is a psychological exploration of the many ways that society hurts and manipulates women.
  46. a long talk
    Marti Noxon on Sharp Objects, Joss Whedon, and Buffy’s Feminist Legacy“I think parts of it hold up really well, and other parts are a little rickety!”
  47. New on HBO: July 2018Get ready for Sharp Objects.
  48. party chat
    Amy Adams Snuck a Fart Machine Onto the Sharp Objects Set“First couple takes, she’d press the button and Jean-Marc freaked out.”
  49. sharp objects
    Amy Adams Stood Up for Her Stand-in on the Sharp Objects Set“I went into producer [mode] and I was like, ‘You will not handle her like that.’”
  50. trailer mix
    Amy Adams Takes a Stab at Solving a Murder in HBO’s Sharp Objects TrailerNothing is as it seems in a small town, and what it seems like ain’t too cheerful either.
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