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  1. the industry
    The Producers of Stranger Things and The Conjuring Are Making a Horror MovieJames Wan and Shawn Levy are developing There’s Someone Inside Your House.
  2. it's business time
    Netflix Signs Large Overall Deal With Stranger Things Producer Shawn LevyAs part of deal, Levy will develop television series exclusively with the streaming giant.
  3. chat room
    Shawn Levy on Why He Produced Stranger Things When Others Passed On ItAnd the bizarre odyssey of securing the rights to “Thriller.”
  4. classified information
    The Hype Strategy for Stranger Things Season 2 Is a Shroud of SecrecyNo spoilers shall come.
  5. backstories
    9 Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits From Stranger ThingsJonathan had a real hard time with the word Nancy.
  6. Nick Stoller Is Writing a Tinkerbell Comedy Starring Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy just landed another starring role. Deadline reports that McCarthy has signed on to play Tinkerbell in an upcoming feature film […]
  7. movie review
    Somewhere in the Mess of This Is Where I Leave You Is a Good MovieStarring a killer cast of TV actors — Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, and Connie Britton.
  8. dad films
    Will Smith Full Steam Ahead in City That SailedToot toot.
  9. casting couch
    Night at the Museum’s Threequel Has Found Its LancelotBut he’ll always be Cousin Matthew to us.
  10. threequels
    Ben Stiller Can’t Stay Away From Haunted MuseumsHe’s doing Night at the Museum 3 with director Shawn Levy.
  11. kidlit
    Tina Fey in Talks for Fancy Nancy MovieTo produce, not star in.
  12. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson Will Reunite For InternsShawn Levy would direct.
  13. what's up next
    From Westerns to Pirates to Alien Cops: The TV Dramas in Development for Fall 2012We sorted through the hundreds of pilot ideas commissioned by the networks and broke out the most intriguing … and most ridiculous.
  14. chat room
    Real Steel Director Shawn Levy on the Societal Implications of Boxing Robots, Suddenly Being in Demand, and Fanning Out on Lost’s Evangeline Lilly“I hesitantly asked, ‘Would it be terrible if I called you Freckles?’”
  15. deadliest nerds
    Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior Heading to Big ScreenPrepare your Chinese stars for battle.
  16. Fox Giving JB Smoove a ‘Blue-Collar’ ComedyCurb Your Enthusiasm standout JB Smoove just snagged a deal to bring a new comedy to Fox along with Office writer/producer Aaron Shure. It’ll […]
  17. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Craig, ReminiPlus: Susan Sarandon will appear on HBO’s ‘Miraculous Year.’
  18. jackman
    First Image From Jackman’s Reality-Grounded Robot-Boxing Drama, Real Steel, Everything You’d Hoped For“When you give an actor a real thing … you get a more grounded reality to the performance.”
  19. the industry
    Injured on the Job? Been in an Accident? Call Sacha Baron Cohen Today!Plus: David Cross and Michael Vartan get jobs at the tire store.
  20. the industry
    Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke Prepare to ‘Cry’Plus industry news on popular superheroes the Flash, Green Lantern, and Clipse.
  21. the industry
    The Three Amigos Can Be Yours for $100 Million
  22. the industry
    Sting’s Lyrics to Be Book; Our 14-Year-Old Self to Buy Three Copies