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  1. no no no no
    Justin Chambers Leaves Grey’s Anatomy, a Nation Mourns[Broken sobbing]
  2. scammer season
    Arian Moayed and Terry Kinney Scam Their Way Into Shonda’s Anna Delvey SeriesBased on Jessica Pressler’s 2018 New York article.
  3. casting
    Anna Chlumsky, Laverne Cox, and More Join The Anna Delvey Series Inventing AnnaJulia Garner is already on board as the infamous scammer.
  4. scammer season
    Julia Garner May Play Queen Scammer Anna Delvey In Shonda Rhimes Netflix SeriesThe actress is reportedly in talks with Shondaland.
  5. #savetheoa
    Shonda Rhimes, Welcome to the #SavetheOA MovementRhimes tweeted that she thought her anger at Netflix would have subsided by now. “But … not so much.”
  6. shondaland
    Julie Andrews Will Voice a 19th-Century Gossip in Shonda Rhimes’s Netflix SeriesXOXO, Julie Andrews.
  7. adaptations
    Shonda Rhimes Has Big Plans for a Recursion Adaptation at NetflixBased on the novel by best-selling author Blake Crouch.
  8. in development
    Here Are the Eight (8!) Shows Shonda Rhimes Is Making for Netflix So FarWe are blessed.
  9. cover story
    Inside Netflix’s TV-Swallowing, Market-Dominating Binge FactoryThe streaming service is hiring everybody in Hollywood to make more shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll like.
  10. the industry
    Netflix and Shondaland Nab the Rights to New York’s Grifter StoryShonda Rhimes is attached to write the adaptation of Jessica Pressler’s story on Anna Delvey.
  11. development deals
    Greg Berlanti Signs Massive Development Deal With Warner Bros.The new pact extends his current arrangement with WB TV, and is reportedly worth more than $300 million.
  12. tv
    Issa Rae on Unaired Black-ish Episode: ‘That Would Infuriate Me’She also recalls her own experience with ABC.
  13. the industry
    ABC Renews Grey’s Anatomy for a 15th SeasonNo need to pack up your sterile medical equipment just yet.
  14. What Ryan Murphy’s Massive Netflix Deal Means for HollywoodNetflix snagged Ryan Murphy with a $300 million deal. Which showrunner will get the next big payday?
  15. grey's anatomy
    Ellen Pompeo Extends Grey’s Anatomy Contract With $20 Million a Year DealWhile Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t officially been renewed, this means the show could run until season 16.
  16. shonda rhimes
    You Were Right! That Was Shonda Rhimes at Chili’s“You can take a girl out of the Midwest but don’t come for her baby back ribs.”
  17. time's up
    Prominent Hollywood Women Launch Anti-Harassment Action PlanTime’s Up members include Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Rashida Jones, Kerry Washington, and many, many more.
  18. vulture festival la 2017
    Shonda Rhimes Doesn’t Like the Word DiversityShe prefers to talk about “normalizing.”
  19. Why Network TV Isn’t Worth It for Veterans Like Shonda Rhimes AnymoreRhimes didn’t leave just leave ABC. She left network TV.
  20. wishes
    What Will a Shonda Rhimes Netflix Show Look Like?We have a few ideas.
  21. breaking news
    Shonda Rhimes Signs a Multi-Year Deal With NetflixBetter rebook your tickets to Shondaland, because the whole place just up and moved.
  22. shondaland
    ABC Is Expanding Its Seattle Universe With a Grey’s Anatomy SpinoffNBC has Chicago and ABC has the Pacific Northwest.
  23. cancellations
    Scandal Will End After Next SeasonGladiators, hang up your white hats.
  24. shondaland
    Shonda Rhimes Says Winning Over Trump Supporters Isn’t Part of Scandal’s AgendaScandal’s gladiators aren’t after Donald Trump or his voters.
  25. casting couch
    ABC Originally Wanted Connie Britton to Play Olivia Pope“The network was reading us their top choices and it was Connie and all white women.”
  26. the industry
    All of Shonda Rhimes’s Shows Have Been Renewed, in Case You Had Any DoubtsOnce you enter Shondaland, you never leave.
  27. shondaland
    Shondaland Is Turning Luvvie Ajayi’s Book I’m Judging You Into a TV SeriesThe comedy will be based on Luvvie Ajayi’s best-selling debut book I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual.
  28. shondaland
    ABC Green-lights Another Shondaland PilotIt’s not TV. It’s Shondaland.
  29. abc
    ABC Delays TGIT Return for Inauguration SpecialThe 2017 debut of Shonda Rhimes’s lineup has been pushed back to January 26.
  30. shondaland
    Shonda Rhimes Says Scandal Almost Had a Russian Hacking SubplotRussia nearly meddled with Scandal’s election, too.
  31. masterclass
    It’s Handled: Shonda Rhimes Is Teaching a TV-Writing Workshop Shondaland University is in session. 
  32. Shonda Rhimes on Writing in the Age of Trump: ‘TV Has Power. My Pen Has Power.’“People have asked me about diversity and I’ve chastised them. They’ve asked me about legacy, and I’ve ignored them.”
  33. shondaland
    ABC Green-lights Its Sixth ShondaLand Show; This One’s Also a Legal DramaThe new hour-long entry will focus on “the Mother Court” of the Southern District of New York.
  34. tca 2016
    Norman Lear on His ‘Cinematic’ DocuseriesCo-produced with Shonda Rhimes and Common.
  35. 2016 dnc
    Shonda Rhimes Debuts Short Film About HRC at DNCShonda Rhimes produced the film with Shondaland executive producer Betsy Beers.
  36. you're *not* fired
    Shonda Doesn’t Care for Jesse Williams PetitionsNice try.
  37. the industry
    Ellen Pompeo Re-ups Grey’s Anatomy ContractShonda Rhimes’s tacit agreement not to kill her off … yet.
  38. roll clip!
    Art Garfunkel Was Perhaps the Worst Hamilton Spectator of All TimeWhat would Paul Simon think?
  39. shonda rhimes
    Shonda Rhimes in Talks for a Dare Divas MovieFox 2000 is in talks to acquire the life rights to the online personalities.
  40. vulture festival 2016
    Look at All the Stars Who Visited the Vulture Festival Photo StudioKrysten Ritter, the cast of Happy Endings, Justin Theroux, Shonda Rhimes, and more.
  41. vulture festival 2016
    Rhimes Was Surprised By Ramirez’s DepartureUntil three days before she Instagrammed it to the public.
  42. close reads
    Grey’s Anatomy Is a Much Better Show Than It Gets Credit ForIt’s not only a victory for diverse representation on TV, but a vital work of narrative intricacy.
  43. roll clip!
    Watch the Trailer for ABC’s Still Star-CrossedWith all the palace intrigue you need.
  44. last night on late night
    Kimmel Wants to Know If Olivia Pope Is PregnantWill Olivia Pope be pregnant, or will Olivia Pope spend another season hiding behind things?
  45. upfronts 2016
    ABC Renews Catch, Picks Up Still Star-CrossedShonda Rhimes is happy.
  46. finales
    Who Will Be Mellie’s Running Mate on Scandal?We hazard a guess. 
  47. chat room
    Geena Davis on Fighting for More Roles for Women“If you look at IMDB, up until the age of 40, I made roughly one film a year. In my entire 40s, I made one movie, Stuart Little.”
  48. all apologies
    Katherine Heigl ‘Embarrassed’ By Grey’s FlakHeigl is still explaining away pissing off Shonda Rhimes.
  49. vulture festival 2016
    Here’s the Lineup for This Year’s Vulture Festival!It’s bigger than ever!
  50. tv review
    The Thomas Crown–Style CatchWho could have imagined that the original film starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway would birth an entire style? 
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