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  1. dinosaurs
    Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Short Welcomes You to An America Where Dinos RoamCamping? Fun while it lasted. Vacationing without the fear of a T. Rex eating your kids? We had a great run.
  2. the cinema
    Blame Forky: Pixar Isn’t Pairing Toy Story 4 With Animated ShortBreaking a 23-year streak.
  3. this week in web videos
    I Loved The Passage Even Though I Didn’t Like It At AllCheck out Philip Burgers and Kitao Sakurai’s bizarre short if you haven’t yet.
  4. Check Out Gary Richardson’s Delightful Short Film ‘Places, Thank You […]Gary Richardson is funny in many ways – on Twitter, in web series, and most recently as a writer on Saturday Night Live. Last year, Richardson […]
  5. web videos
    Head to Atlantic City for a ‘Guys Day’ with Conner O’Malley and Carmen […]Frequent collaborators Conner O’Malley and Carmen Chrisopher are back with a brand new video today. Titled Guys Day, the short follows two […]
  6. How the DIY Stella Shorts Somehow Introduced the Future of Mainstream […]The Stella shorts, which were filmed as companion pieces to their NYC live show and later collected on the rare Stella Shorts 1998-2002 DVD, […]
  7. shorts
    Meet Jared Leto’s Creepy Blade Runner Character in This 2049 Prequel Short FilmJared Leto’s character introduces a new and improved line of replicants.
  8. Check Out the Short Film ‘Gravy’ Starring Matt Walsh and Rich FulcherIf you’re a fan of Matt Walsh and Rich Fulcher, this new short film titled Gravy is an extra special treat. Written and directed by Mike […]
  9. Go Inside the Life of ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with This New Short from Dan […]It’s been over a decade since Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla ended their run on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, but thanks to a new short film by […]
  10. Sarah Silverman Meets Michael Sheen in JASH’s New Short ‘You Can Never […]Recently JASH teamed up with go90 and Band of Robbers’ Aaron and Adam Nee to produce a new short film starring Sarah Silverman and Michael […]
  11. Check Out Matt Besser and JASH’s New Short ‘Arkippiana’UCB cofounder Matt Besser recently made a new short film with JASH called Arkippiana, and this week it’s available to view for free over on […]
  12. Check Out ‘The Comments’ Starring Paul Scheer, Natasha Leggero, Ken […]Comment sections are generally some of the scummiest parts of the internet, and as this new short by Jim and Brian Kehoe called The Comments […]
  13. Check Out the Short Film ‘Limbo’ Starring Jon Benjamin and Natasha LeggeroThe story behind this new (NSFW!) short film Limbo starring Jon Benjamin is an interesting one: It started out as a story posted on […]
  14. This Week in Web Videos: 5 Absurd One-Offs You Need to SeeIt’s no secret that I’m a lover of the absurd. Or maybe it is. Maybe it was, I should say. It shouldn’t be anymore since I just told you. […]
  15. shorts
    Watch Isabella Rossellini Get Impregnated (As a Toad)It’s from her new surreal nature Web series, Mammas.
  16. shorts
    Watch Michael Cera’s Kelis-Co-starring ShortCharles Grodin is also in it, because why not?
  17. oscars 2013
    Watch the Beautiful, Oscar-Nominated Short HenryFair warning: It’s touching but kind of devastating.
  18. video
    Let This Animated Short Remind You That Love ExistsOwwww, my heart.
  19. shorts
    Watch an Astounding Clip From Pixar’s Next ShortWOW.
  20. shorts
    Watch Michel Gondry’s Very Michel Gondry Short Haircut Mouse It’s about a mouse who gives haircuts — go figure.
  21. Watch Partysaurus Rex, a New Pixar ShortYou can’t go wrong with Wallace Shawn.
  22. the punisher
    Watch Thomas Jane As the PunisherFrank Castle is back!
  23. john hughes
    Watch ‘Hughes the Force,’ a John Hughes–Star Wars Fan FilmWhile you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for Kevin Smith.
  24. flo fox
    Watch an Excellent Short About Famed Photographer Flo Fox (NSFW)Flo Fox for President! Or, like, Adopted BFF!
  25. sundance 2012
    Watch Nine Shorts From the Sundance Film FestivalWho needs the crowds at Sundance? Judge the shorts from your bed!
  26. clickables
    Watch a Nifty Short About Colorful Graphic ViolenceIt’s literal, see.
  27. trailer mix
    Robert Rodriguez Revisits the Realm of Kids’ Movies With ShortsIf you’ve ever discovered a magical, rainbow-colored rock that fell from space, this film will probably hit close to home.
  28. the industry
    Best Musical Ever: ‘Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas’ Coming to the StagePlus: David Gordon Green is just about finished with artsy personal projects, it seems.
  29. apropos of nothing
    The Friday Short: ‘Fission’If Michel Gondry were to direct a street-art Fantasia, it might look something like Fission. Winner of a recent Student Academy Award in the Best Alternative Film category, recent School of Visual Arts grad Kun-I Chang’s explores a quintessentially New York concept.