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  1. regrets
    Kyle MacLachlan Had the Same Reaction You Did the First Time He Saw ShowgirlsAt least he got to go skiing during production!
  2. no defense
    Verhoeven Can Defend Showgirls, Not Hollow ManJustice for Nomi.
  3. zola is goddess
    Zola’s Insane Twitter Story Is Showgirls for 2015Florida is a lot more depraved than Vegas.
  4. versayce
    Please Help Elizabeth Berkley Find the Jacket She Left on a FlightDo it for Nomi.
  5. showgirls
    Charlize Theron Almost Starred in ShowgirlsAccording to Paul Verhoeven.
  6. awfulsome
    Where Is the Thin Line Between a Good-Bad Movie and a Bad-Bad Movie?’Real Steel,’ which side will you be on?
  7. poll pole
    Ranking Movie Strippers by Just How Gold Their Hearts AreWhose heart sparkles as bright as body glitter?
  8. clickables
    Watch the Black Swan/Showgirls Trailer Mash-UpIt is amazing.
  9. slideshow
    Is Black Swan the Art-House Version of Showgirls?Here are eight similarities.