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    New on Showtime: July 2018Baby Driver, The Rock, Home Again, and other enticing titles.
  2. Leaving Showtime: July 2018The Babadook will haunt you.
  3. New on Showtime: June 2018The Affair season four, Margin Call, and a couple of great documentaries.
  4. What’s Leaving Showtime: June 2018Drug War is a damn good crime thriller.
  5. What’s New on Showtime: May 2018Patrick Melrose, Cloverfield, 50/50, and more.
  6. What’s Leaving Showtime: May 2018Babe lovers, unite!
  7. What’s New on Showtime: April 2018Robocop, Kill Bill, and more.
  8. What’s Leaving Showtime: April 2018David Lynch’s Dune leaves at the end of the month.
  9. What’s New on Showtime: March 2018If you love Al Pacino gangster movies, don’t miss Carlito’s Way.
  10. What’s Leaving Showtime: March 2018Don’t miss your chance to see David Lynch’s oft-overlooked The Straight Story.
  11. What’s Leaving Showtime: February 2018Say good-bye to Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln.
  12. What’s New on Showtime: February 2018If you’re looking for a sweet indie drama, don’t miss Band Aid.
  13. What’s New on Showtime: January 2018The Chi is one of the year’s most promising new shows.
  14. What’s Leaving Showtime: January 2018Say good-bye to Jaws on Showtime.
  15. What’s Leaving Showtime: December 2017Now’s the time to watch Thelma & Louise.
  16. What’s Leaving Showtime: November 2017Adios, John Carpenter’s The Thing.
  17. What’s New on Showtime: November 2017It is a truth universally acknowledged that Pride & Prejudice is now available on Showtime.
  18. What’s New on Showtime: October 2017Jay Pharoah’s new show White Famous, a documentary about George Michael, and more.
  19. What’s Leaving Showtime: October 2017Say good-bye to 12 Monkeys.
  20. What’s New on Showtime: July 2017The Prestige, Punisher: War Zone, The Descent, and more.
  21. What’s Leaving Showtime: July 2017If you haven’t seen It Follows, don’t wait much longer.
  22. What’s New on Showtime: June 2017Perk up, John Cusack fans.
  23. What’s Leaving Showtime: June 2017Adios, Spring Breakers.
  24. What’s New on Showtime: April 2017Shaun of the Dead, Lincoln, and more.
  25. What’s Leaving Showtime: April 2017Say good-bye to The Royal Tenenbaums.
  26. What’s Leaving Showtime: March 2017See you later, Hot Rod.
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    What’s New on Showtime: February 2017Adios, Chicago.
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    What’s Leaving Showtime: February 2017Say good-bye to Time Is Illmatic.
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    What’s Leaving Showtime: January 2017The Virgin Suicides, Cape Fear, Clerks II, and more.
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    What’s New on Showtime: December 2016The Hateful Eight! Fargo! Twin Peaks!
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    What’s Leaving Showtime: December 2016The Usual Suspects, Punch-Drunk Love, and more.
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    What’s New on Showtime: November 2016Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Born on the Fourth of July, and more.
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    What’s New on Showtime Anytime: January 2016Boyhood, Billions, Benicio del Toro!