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Shutter Island

  1. spinoffs
    HBO in Talks for a Shutter Island SeriesA prequel called Ashecliffe.
  2. release dates
    Was It Smart for These 5 Movies to Flee From Oscar Season?Before Monuments Men, here are a few other recent films with bumped release dates that got out of the Oscar scrum.
  3. really close readings
    See Leonardo DiCaprio’s Six Go-To Acting Moves in Tiger Beat Collage FormLeo has a lion’s roar.
  4. weekend box office
    Alice Holds Top Spot at the Box Office in Second WeekendThe Disney film brought in $62 million after an incredible opening weekend.
  5. podcasts
    Shutter Island ExplainedHave questions? Bilge Ebiri and Glenn Kenny have answers.
  6. weekend box office
    Shutter Island Wins Box Office for Second Consecutive WeekIts $22.2 million take was enough to remain atop the chart.
  7. weekend box office
    Shutter Island Wins the Box OfficeMartin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio make their biggest openings ever.
  8. mick jagger
    Mick Jagger Loves Shutter IslandSo he’d seen the film already and liked it so much that he had to see it again? “Exactly.”
  9. chat room
    Emily Mortimer on Shutter Island“I haven’t been to see it yet because I’m so scared of the infanticide.”
  10. party chat
    Scorsese on Taxi Driver Remake RumorsBen Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson on androgyny and playing a woman in a cave, respectively.
  11. spoilers
    Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Shutter Island, Sort Of“I’m not going to talk about it in any detail because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who’s going to watch it.”
  12. delays
    Shutter Island Banished to No-Oscar Island (i.e., February)Is it getting hot next February, or is it just the movies pushed there from their original fall release dates?
  13. trailer mix
    Shutter Island Trailer: Don’t Watch ThisSpoiler alert!
  14. the industry
    McLovin Returns!Plus: Madonna Gives Album Faintly Lewd Name!
  15. the industry
    Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprioPlus industry news on Ridley Scott’s Gucci movie, Kevin James’ crappy movie, and Nicolas Cage’s two crappy movies!
  16. the industry
    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?
  17. the industry
    Scorsese, DiCaprio Follow in the Afflecks’ FootstepsPlus industry news on Jay-Z, Ghostface, and Will Oldham.