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Sick In The Head

  1. Judd Apatow Is Writing Another Book of Comedian Interviews Called ‘Sicker […]Judd Apatow has a new book in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apatow is writing a sequel to his 2015 book Sick in the […]
  2. Comedy Is Life and Life Is Comedy in Judd Apatow’s ‘Sick in the Head’Judd Apatow has been interviewing comedians since he was fifteen years old. Back then, in the early 1980s, a new crop of bright young comics […]
  3. Check Out the Trailer for Judd Apatow’s New Book ‘Sick in the Head’After 30 years of interviewing comedians since he was 15 years old, Judd Apatow finally gets to share his new book Sick in the Head this month […]
  4. Judd Apatow Tells Jimmy Kimmel About His Book of Comedian InterviewsHere’s a clip from Judd Apatow’s visit to Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he told Kimmel all about his upcoming book of interviews he […]
  5. Louis C.K., Lena Dunham, Chris Rock Will All Be Featured in Judd Apatow’s […]We reported in April that Judd Apatow is releasing a book of interviews he’s conducted with famous comedians, and a partial list of guests for […]
  6. what could have been
    Watch a Clip from a Failed Apatow-Poehler PilotPoehler plays a particularly crazy patient trying to get the home phone number of her therapist (David Krumholtz ).
  7. Judd Apatow and Amy Poehler’s ‘Sick in the Head’ Pilot Was a Real, Funny […]“I am in New York writing a pilot for the Fox network called Sick in the Head. It’s about a very young therapist with no life experience. The […]