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Side Projects

  1. selfie yearbook
    See the Cover of Kim Kardashian’s Book of SelfiesThe book’s title is Kim Kardashian Selfish.
  2. musical diversions
    From Bleachers to Superheavy, Ranking Music’s Biggest Side and Solo ProjectsRemember Foxboro Hot Tubs? Of course you don’t.
  3. side projects
    See Aubrey Plaza Play the Sax in a Music VideoThis one’s for you, Bleeding Gums Murphy.
  4. side projects
    Justin Timberlake Is Bud Light Platinum’s New Creative Director“Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I’m doing.”
  5. side projects
    Billy Corgan Is Opening a Tea ShopThe world is a saucer.
  6. Ed Helms to Record a Banjo Album; Arrow Through the Head Headband Not Yet […]Ed Helms is part of a long line of banjo playing comedians. Of course, there was Steve Martin. And before him was Banjo Willy Chuckles, the […]
  7. side projects
    Charlie Kaufman Is Writing a NovelA whole new way for your brain to feel fuzzy.
  8. side projects
    Joss Whedon Secretly Made a Movie of Much Ado About NothingWith his cast of usual suspects, of course.
  9. side projects
    Music-Starved Fans of the Strokes Will Have to Satiate Themselves With a New Julian Casablancas Solo RecordThe lead singer has a new solo LP, ‘Phrazes for the Young,’ on the horizon.