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    20 Great Rom-Com Sidekicks, RankedAlthough the rom-com sidekick is a tried-and-true staple of the genre, not all sidekicks are created equal.
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    Anna Kendrick Makes Her Pitch to Be Ben Affleck’s Robin“It’s nice to have dreams.”
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    Fred Armisen Pays Tribute to Paul Shaffer“Every time I talk to Paul, I see his whole history, like this waterfall.”
  4. This Is What Jimmy Pardo Filling in for Andy Richter Looks Like Standup, podcaster, and Conan’s audience warm-up guy Jimmy Pardo sat in for co-host Andy Richter on Conan last night and he’s doing it again […]
  5. Jimmy Pardo Is Filling in for Andy Richter on ‘Conan’ Tonight and TomorrowStandup and Conan audience warm-up guy Jimmy Pardo will be taking Andy Richter’s place as sidekick on the TBS talk show tonight and tomorrow […]
  6. Steve Agee is the Sidekick for Diablo Cody’s TBS Talk Show PilotSteve Agee is set to become a talk show sidekick. The Sarah Silverman Program co-star and Vine luminary has signed on to sidekick for writer […]
  7. ‘Gossip Girl’ Threatens All of Its Great Loves“I performed in a speakeasy and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass.”