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Silver Jews

  1. remembrances
    David Berman Struggled to Feel the Joy He Brought UsThe singer-songwriter passed away yesterday. He leaves a legacy of spiritual longing and fighting the darkness.
  2. last night’s gig
    Silver Jews Not Upstaged by the Spreading of Butt Cheeks“Show us your penis!” cried one randy (male) fan.
  3. beef
    Radiohead Still Oddly Silent Over Beefs With Hold Steady and Silver JewsCome on, guys, it’s the slowest news week of the year!
  4. chat room
    The Silver Jews’ David Berman Is Currently Accepting Intern ApplicationsBerman tells Vulture about his new album and his father’s Bennigan’s-inspired book collection.
  5. agenda
    Silver Jews Get a Little Wacky — and Yet More CharmingSilver Jews’ scatterbrained auteur David Berman has always been — despite his music’s dark overtones — one for a laugh. But this album is something new.
  6. right-click
    Madonna Delivers a Sugar RushPlus a new track from Silver Jews, Snoop’s country move, and a Peaches remix of the B-52s.