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Silver Linings Playbook

  1. tribeca film festival
    David O. Russell Made Jennifer Lawrence Cry by Spoiling Anna KareninaSeven things we learned about the pair’s friendship and collaborations on Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Joy.
  2. Every Jennifer Lawrence Performance, Ranked From Worst to BestWith Red Sparrow on its way to theaters, we rank all of Jennifer Lawrence’s big-screen performances, from Winter’s Bone to The Hunger Games.
  3. aging gracefully
    Vulture Investigates: Jennifer Lawrence’s ImmortalityIn one year, she played a 49-year-old mutant (X Men: Apocalypse) and a 34-year-old businesswoman (Joy).
  4. alternative endings
    Watch Silver Linings Playbook’s Alternate EndingThe whole gang’s back together.
  5. pre-kudos
    Ted and Django Got Plenty of MTV Movie Award NominationsAnd Jennifer Lawrence received five acting nods.
  6. oscars 2013
    Obama Op Was Hired to Hype Silver LiningsWhen you want it this bad, you get someone who knows how to win. (But nobody’s perfect!)
  7. awards season
    Silver Linings Playbook Swept the Independent Spirit Awards Best Supporting Male: Matthew McConaughey for Magic Mike.
  8. oscars 2013
    Oscar Frontrunners Campaigned in D.C., TooTwo films premiered there. And one launched a congressional hearing.
  9. candor
    This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Drinking, Décolletage, and Paparazzi“My breasts have a life of their own.”
  10. oscars 2013
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Argo is a mid-budget adult thriller versus how much of it is Mrs. Doubtfire?
  11. video
    Watch Oscar Nominees Repeat the Same StoriesWe get it, Hugh. You were on a water diet.
  12. oscars 2013
    Best Picture: How Argo Could LoseIt’s the front-runner, but …
  13. candor
    This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes“If somebody thinks I’m going to dress sexy to a costume party, they have another thing coming.”
  14. candor
    This Week in Jennifer Lawrence QuotesHere are eight great things J-Law said this week.
  15. your box office explained
    Box Office: Silver Linings Is Gold; ZDT StallsThe David O. Russell film appears to be finding its feet, while Bigelow’s thriller is trending downward.
  16. your box office explained
    Box Office Explained: Best Pic Noms Score BigExcept for Django.
  17. The Oscar Nominations Mostly Ignore Comedy This YearThe Academy just released their Oscar nominations, recognizing the best in film from 2012, and the list of pretty light on comedies this time […]
  18. oscars 2013
    Surprise Oscar Nominee Jacki Weaver Still Hasn’t Told Her Husband“I tried to call my husband … he still doesn’t know!”
  19. party chat
    David O. Russell Imagines Mickey Rourke’s Life Advice“Always carry a Chihuahua.”
  20. slogans run
    Let’s Give the Oscar Hopefuls Snappier TaglinesArgo: “Faking a Movie in Iran? Shah, Right!” It sells itself!
  21. party lines
    Who Else Auditioned for Silver Linings Playbook?If you thought Zooey Deschanel was a weird first choice …
  22. David O. Russell Has Some Good Advice for Young Writers“There’s nothing like being in debt to make you work. My best work came since I’ve been in debt. The thing about being humbled or stumbling or […]
  23. vulture asks
    How Does Silver Linings Handle Mental Illness?Vulture consulted with Harvard Medical School psychiatrist Dr. Steven Schlozman. He loved the film.
  24. David Edelstein’s Runners-up for the Best Films of 2012This year was the most difficult I’ve ever had to pick ten favorite films, let alone to rank them one to ten.
  25. alternate history
    Russell Wanted Deschanel for Silver LiningsThat would have been a different movie!
  26. party chat
    David O. Russell’s Lily Tomlin Rant Came Back to Haunt Him at the Gotham AwardsMike Birbiglia reminded everyone of what happened on the set of I Heart Huckabees. As if they forgot.
  27. the star market
    The Star Market: Is Bradley Cooper an A-Lister Now?One producer we spoke to calls him “the next Paul Newman.”
  28. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Vampires, Bond, Lincoln — Everyone’s a Winner!It was a stellar box-office weekend.
  29. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Good Tidings for Silver LiningsJennifer Lawrence keeps gaining.
  30. chat room
    Jacki Weaver on Silver Linings and Slut-Shaming“Sexism is alive and well!”
  31. movie review
    Movie Review: Silver Linings PlaybookThis new psycho-comedy is directed by David O. Russell.
  32. chat room
    Chris Tucker Finally Breaks His Rush Hour Streak“Nothing really grabbed me until this.”
  33. party chat
    David O. Russell Tells Us About His Dance Moves“I have some weird mash-up of jitterbug, swing dancing, and waltz. And punk!”
  34. party chat
    Jennifer Lawrence Schmoozes Oscar VotersWe met her at a party for Silver Linings Playbook, before she jetted back to Panem.
  35. fun facts
    Eight Things We Learned From Jennifer Lawrence’s New York Times ProfileAnd what else we learned from her New York Times profile.
  36. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: The Odds Are in Jennifer Lawrence’s FavorWho’s up? Who’s down?
  37. awards
    TIFF Report: Playbook’s Big WinLike past Best Picture winners The King’s Speech and Slumdog Millionaire, the David O. Russell film took home the top prize. 
  38. toronto 2012
    Toronto: Jen, Ben, and Joaquin Have Everyone BuzzingChecking in with the standouts of the film festival.
  39. vulture lists
    Vulture’s Eleven Most Anticipated Toronto 2012 FilmsTrust us when we say that this year’s Toronto Film Festival lineup is just. too. good.
  40. trailer mix
    Bradley Cooper’s Silver Linings Playbook TrailerBecause they’re literally crazy.
  41. cannes 2012
    Sneak Peeks of Django, Master and MoreWhat did we see and how did it play? Read on.
  42. The Chris Tucker Comeback Is in Full Effect as He Joins David O. Russell’s […]Chris Tucker may not have been in a movie since 2007’s Best Picture winner Rush Hour 3, but he looks to be back in the game now. He’s already […]