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  1. three flavours cornetto trilogy
    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Are Together Again in Slaughterhouse Rulez TrailerA film that seems to ask, “What if everyone treated Hogwarts like the horror show it really was?”
  2. cultural diplomacy
    Tom Cruise Learns How to Do Finger HeartsThank you, Simon Pegg!
  3. trailer mix
    New Mission: Impossible — Fallout Trailer: Run, Tom Cruise, Run!How many different ways can Tom Cruise fall out of the sky?
  4. fan theories
    Simon Pegg Said J.J. Abrams Had a Different Plan for Rey’s Parents in Star WarsPegg says Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi undid Abrams’s plans for the Star Wars heroine.
  5. trailer mix
    Margot Robbie Is a Neo-Noir Femme Fatale in Terminal Trailer“I have an unquenchable bloodlust.”
  6. trailer mix
    Watch Margot Robbie Ominously Walk Away From the Camera in the Terminal TeaserYou can’t see her face, but she’s wearing snake tights and is as mad as a hatter.
  7. robin williams
    Absolutely Anything, Robin Williams’s Last Movie, Gets a U.S. Release DateWilliams voices Simon Pegg’s excitable dog, Dennis, in the film by Monty Python’s Terry Jones.
  8. alrighty then
    Weibo Users Pissed Simon Pegg Didn’t Get NakedSuch a letdown.
  9. Pegg, Quinto on George Takei’s Reaction to Sulu“I don’t believe Gene Roddenberry’s decision to make the prime timeline’s Enterprise crew straight was an artistic one, more a necessity of the time.”
  10. casting couch
    Simon Pegg May Join Ready Player One, Just As the Prophecy ForetoldSteven Spielberg is directing.
  11. casting
    Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright to Shoot World’s EndTheir long-promised trilogy-capper to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.
  12. l.a. noir
    Simon Pegg Narrows In on Frank Darabont’s L.A. NoirPicture Pegg in forties Los Angeles.
  13. Watch Simon Pegg Rip Into The Phantom MenaceHe’s not even swayed by Josh Horowitz’s ace Jar-Jar impression.
  14. Simon Pegg on Tom Cruise, Tintin, and Keeping Secrets“All the myths about Tom Cruise are generally dispelled when you meet him. He’s not particularly short.”
  15. clickables
    See Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Shot-for-Shot Star Wars Remake“Try to make it sound like a series of sophisticated bleeps and whistles, okay?”
  16. clickables
    Watch Kristen Wiig Justify Her Desire to Have Sex With E.T.“Just because of the finger.”
  17. clickables
    Watch Tom Cruise Hold His Mission: Impossible 4 Director at GunpointSimon Pegg gets in on the action, too.
  18. trailer mix
    Paul Trailer: We Have Made Connection With Alien Life-form, and They Are Seth RogenSimon Pegg and Nick Frost’s alien road-trip comedy approaches.
  19. First Full Trailer for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Paul Looks Badass Paul, the upcoming comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost that tells the story of two sci-fi obsessed dorks who end up finding an alien voiced […]
  20. First Trailer for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Sci-Fi Comedy Paul In Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite as a couple of nerdy sci-fi buddies on a road trip to UFO country that gets interrupted by an alien […]
  21. clickables
    Paul Trailer: Simon Pegg, Seth Rogen, and Nick Frost Hold Hands“Two British comic book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51.”
  22. John Landis Returns to the Big Screen with Burke and HareJohn Landis, the director of The Blues Brothers, Coming to America and An American Werewolf in London, is back with his first movie in a decade […]
  23. clickables
    Burke & Hare Trailer: Simon Pegg Will Sell You a CadaverThey make a few too many poop jokes along the way.
  24. the industry
    Industry Roundup: David Cross, PeggPlus: Draco Malfoy joins ‘Apes’ prequel.
  25. the industry
    Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson to Join the Circus?Plus: Rob Marshall! Steven Spielberg! Danny Boyle!
  26. awesome
    Spaced Arrives to HuluIf you were too cheap to buy the DVD set last year, rejoice!
  27. quote machine
    If Eric Bana Asks to Use Your Bathroom, Tell Him NoPlus: Lily Allen on her inspiration.
  28. hilarious brits
    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Make Us Slightly Excited for Non-Exciting Spielberg MovieWho cares if the movie’s based on a Belgian comic strip from the forties, or if Pegg and Frost probably won’t get to kill any zombies or elderly in it!
  29. quote machine
    Ethan Coen Fires George ClooneyPlus: Russell Crowe’s a stickler for historical accuracy.
  30. quote machine
    Lil Wayne Speculates on Brett Favre’s AgePlus: Will the ‘Survivor’ incident mean more flapping penises?
  31. the industry
    Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro Hire Each Other to Write ‘The Hobbit’Plus: Yet another bastard joins ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ and James McAvoy to play a CGI gnome in most horrible movie ever.
  32. the industry
    Simon Pegg No Longer a ‘Bastard,’ But Will Go on a Road TripPlus: Neil Schweiber goes to war in Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’!
  33. the industry
    There Are Only So Many Funny ‘Bastard’ Headlines, Brad Pitt and Simon PeggTwo more stars join the cast, and two more Tarantino reclamation projects are rumored.
  34. quote machine
    Zack Snyder Promises ‘Watchmen’ Fans Lots of Action-y Things and Probably Some Fight ThingsPlus: Ricky Gervais on how getting fat saved his career, and Will Ferrell on how drinking Champagne out of a shoe wrecks the flavor.
  35. the early-evening news
    More On-Set Drama for David O. RussellPlus: ‘The New Yorker’ finally explains ‘American Idol’!
  36. quote machine
    Young Jeezy: Class ActPlus: Simon Pegg calls Batman a wussy and Harmony Korine on puking up his new film.
  37. quote machine
    Tina Fey Launches Public Campaign to Befriend OprahPlus, George Lucas dispels the Jesus rumors, and Sienna Miller twirls a gun.
  38. the take
    ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run’: Europeans Just Figuring Out Jogging“I believe it’s jogging or yogging,” Ron Burgundy said. It’s also apparently still a source of bafflement and hilarity across the pond.
  39. quote machine
    Kate Beckinsale’s Publicist Wishes She Would Stop Talking About Sushi and VaginasPlus: Sarah Michelle Gellar indulges in some Buffy-Willow slash, and Leslie Mann’s daughter licks her face.
  40. beef
    Simon Pegg vs. McGThe Shaun of the Dead star blasts the American producer-director over his plans for a U.S. edition of seminal nineties Britcom Spaced.
  41. kudos
    For Your Consideration: Edgar Wright of ‘Hot Fuzz’ for Best DirectorOnly Wright gets the secret of great parody: Don’t hate the thing you’re making fun of – love it.
  42. the industry
    Simon Pegg Is Scotty in Suddenly Comedic ‘Star Trek’ RebootPlus: John Cho is Sulu?
  43. news reel
    Secrets of Simon Pegg’s Money Shot Revealed!Yes, to answer the Vulture editors’ repeated questioning, Hank Azaria does powder his wang, but no, you don’t get to see it.
  44. quote machine
    Clive Owen Insanely Jealous of Christian BaleStephen Colbert, Corey Feldman, and more!
  45. tube junkie
    Nick Frost and Simon Pegg Face Zombies Once More