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Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso

  1. the take
    Ben Silverman Is About to Cash OutBen Silverman, master of the conflict of interest!
  2. apropos of nothing
    Ben Silverman Plans to Devote Himself to Public ServiceA timeline.
  3. apropos of nothing
    Ben Silverman, Closet NerdThis is a desperate moment in pop humanity, says NBC’s new president.
  4. the early-evening news
    Hasid to Perform With HayseedsPete Dohety, the French, and more!
  5. the industry
    Prince to Give It Away in the U.K.Prince’s new album, Planet Earth, will be given away for free in British newspapers this summer, angering British music retailers, who had hoped to sell the album in exchange for British money, which is called “pounds” instead of “dollars.”
  6. apropos of nothing
    Christina Applegate Has to Order New Stationery AgainA time line of Christina Applegate’s new sitcom’s title woes.
  7. pop trash
    Build Your Own ‘Simpsons’ Character!The spiffy Website for The Simpsons Movie just added a feature that allows you to create your own Simpsons character, complete with yellow skin, four-fingered hands, and dramatic overbite.
  8. cheek by jowl
    Ben Silverman vs. The Joker: Who Gets the Last Laugh?
  9. the industry
    Without Breasts There Is No Television