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  1. singing
    Sara Bareilles Gets Promoted From Waitress, Will Host the Tonys With Josh GrobanPerfect harmony.
  2. dubbing
    No, Adam Scott Was Not Actually Singing in the Big Little Lies FinaleDespite Scott’s singing lessons, the show went with a stand-in.
  3. hidden talents
    So, As It Turns Out, Zadie Smith Can Sing TooAs if you weren’t looking forward to her book tour already.
  4. 2016 olympics
    Olympians Attempt to Sing ‘We Are the Champions’Well, gold for effort.
  5. This Week’s Feature Is Why I Write This Column Connor Gorman’s story’s cool for a couple reasons. First, he’s been a loyal reader of the column for years. That alone makes him–and his […]
  6. last night on late night
    Jane Krakowski Sings for Our Unsung Heroes A salute to rude Gap store employees and penis graffiti.
  7. vulture lists
    16 Times Orange Is the New Black Cast Members Sang Out of CostumeThere’s everyone from Pennsatucky to Taystee to Flaca to Soso to, of course, Crazy Eyes. 
  8. singing
    The Wire: The Musical Spoof: Michael K. Williams Is Really in ThisAnd Snoop, too.
  9. sacrifices
    Anjelica Huston Didn’t Want to Sing on SmashBut she got over it.
  10. singing
    Diablo Cody’s Sweet Valley High Might Be a MusicalSuggested song title: “Jessica is the worst!”